Friday, 25 July 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil - A Review.

I was lucky enough to receive this for my birthday a few weeks ago after coveting it since its release a few months back. This is the first facial oil I have tried so I have not anything to compare it to but I will tell you how I feel about it so far. 

Now the serum in oil comes in a 28ml bottle with a pipette to decant the contents and this bottle costs £12 which is a fraction of the price of some high end oils and over night serums like Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair, Rosehip Oil by Pai and Kiehls Midnight Recovery which are all £20-£45.

I have been using this product once or twice a week as a part of my evening skincare routine mainly on days which I feel my skin could really do with a boost. I apply a very small amount only one or two drops massaging it into my face after cleansing, I do not apply any other moisturisers over the top partly because I find this difficult over an oil based product. It states to be a non-greasy and fast absorbing formula and I have to say that I disagree with both those statements, I find this leaves my skin very greasy once applied and takes a very long time to sink into the skin. Although it does feel like a cross between a serum and an oil because of the greasiness of the finish I tend to only put it on right before I go to sleep. 

Now this product says to replenish and recharge the skin making it feel softer and look more radiant and this I do agree with! Since using this and a combination of other products (which I talk about here) my skin has been so radiant and a lot smoother in texture which is excellent!

Even though I really like this product using it has been a bit trial and error! A few things I have learnt is that using it daily is not a good idea...I found the formula way too greasy and my oil levels seemed to increase during the day which is not good! I also could not get on with using it in conjunction with my usual oil based cleanser.....again way too much oil! But like I said using it once or twice a week just being careful not to apply too much and it has really worked wonders on my skin! 

I hope this review has been useful, this product is available to buy here


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