Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A little Wes & Eli Update.

Recently it seems these boys are growing up way too fast...all of a sudden I have these big boys that are so clever and funny......they both are such beautiful personalities!

Wesley omg he seems so tall now and he is pretty much walking everywhere finally! Seeing him walking around with his brother is crazy....I now have two toddlers and soon the will be able to run in opposite directions ahhh! He's understanding more and more every day and is getting cheekier with it too! He is still a very wilful child and can be quite challenging at times but he also has us in hysterics with his crazy antics and amusing expressions.

Eli....well what can I say he is just a beautiful soul. He is so kind, gentle and loving, he is always happy and loves nothing more then to make us laugh and give us cuddles. He is also extremely clever....his speech may be a little behind compared to others but he is quickly catching up, his vocabulary is vast and growing quickly and he is slowly learning to piece together sentences. Eli knows his whole alphabet by names, phonics and words beginning with, he can count 1-20 and can also count backwards, not only just saying the numbers he can physically count anything you ask him to. He knows all his colours and basic shapes, he can describe things by its size, colour and shape and also can understand emotions frequently telling me when someone is happy or sad. He is doing very well with potty training staying dry indoors when he is naked and now we are trying to get him wearing clothes which is a challenge!  

I cant believe how lucky I am to be blessed with such wonderful sons and I am so excited to see how they blossom over the second half of the year.

Thank you for reading.


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