Monday, 28 July 2014

How To Wear Casual Leather - Outfit Of The Day!

Apologies in advance for the really awkward 'crouching tiger' mirror selfies, without a tripod this was the only way taking outfit pictures was possible!

Ok onto the main topic....Leather! A fabric which I have always been a little afraid of for the fear of looking a little too '50 shades of grey'! I've always wanted a leather skirt and I picked this beautiful Oasis bargain up a few months back in the spring sales for only £15. Its such a beautiful and flattering shaped skirt, coming down to the knee but with a modest split to make it easy and comfortable to wear. It also is high waisted giving you the most beautiful hourglass curves....yet still I have been a little afraid to wear it mostly because I had no idea who to style it.

Until now that is!! I wanted a way of making this skirt wearable for everyday to get the most wear out of it, I didn't want it sitting in the back of my wardrobe waiting for an 'occasion' to wear it. So here is my casual leather outfit of the day! I didn't want my outfit to look too 'I'm off to the office' or too 'I'm off to a bar' and I think I found the most perfect combination.

I paired the skirt with a grey slouchy distressed T-shirt from Primark which you can see in my mini haul here. Having a very casual top tucked into a leather skirt really dresses it down and I think these two work perfectly together. Still keeping it causal and if a little chillier I think this peter pan collared cardigan which again you can find in my haul looks great thrown over the top.

Now lets talk foot-ware, you could wear some little pumps or even heels but again verging on the border of office-ware to keep it casual and everyday a pair of black converse are perfect and keep the whole outfit comfortable. Those slip on style trainers would also look great with this outfit and for a bit of a statement to jazz up a very muted outfit why not go for a funky leopard print pair.

With this outfit I like to keep accessories to a minimum, I wear my simple personalised silver dog-tags and carry my Zara Combined Office City bag which the colours match the outfit perfectly.

Thank you for reading.


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