Monday, 14 July 2014

Clinique Long Lasting Matt Lipstick & Its Highstreet DUPE!

Now recently I bought the Clinique Long Lasting Matt lipstick in the shade 'Matt Beauty' and it quickly became my all time favourite lipstick! The formula is beautiful to wear it gives a soft matt finish without being drying and has great wear time too. The shade 'Matt Beauty' is a great everyday dusk pink a very wearable shade which gives your lips a very subtle pop of pink without being too 'barbie'.

I have been literally wearing it every day since I bought it and felt like I had been neglecting my other lip products so on Sunday I thought I'd dig around my collection and wear something different and picked out the Revlon Matt Balm in the shade 'Elusive'. As soon as I picked it up I instantly said to myself 'boy you must have a thing for this colour!' as yet again I chose another dusky pink to wear but on closer inspection I realised just how similar these two products actually are!!!  

I put on the Revlon Matt Balm and I saw the exact same finish as I had been wearing for weeks a soft matt finish that doesn't cling or go patchy on the lips, with great wear time and almost exactly the same colour! How did I go out and buy a high end lipstick exactly the same as a budget one I already owned??? Im not exaggerating when I say once on the lips these two products are undistinguishable and feel and wear exactly the same. 

When in the tubes you can hardly see any difference in the colour too but when swatched you can see that the Revlon Matt Balm (top) it slightly brighter and a little more pink and the Clinique Long Lasting Matt (bottom) is a little more nude and muted, but when on the lips the colour difference is almost undetectable. 

Now lets talk about how much this dupe swap could save you! Clinique being a high end brand these brand new matt lipsticks are £18 each and before I realised I already owned the almost exactly the same lipstick I would have told you it was completely worth every penny. The Revlon Matt Balms that were also released this year which can be picked up from any Boots or Superdrug are only £7.99 thats £10 less with in my opinion the exact same formula quality. Yes the packaging of the Clinique lipstick is high end and beautiful but the highstreet counters quite often have 3 for 2 promotions on were you could pick up 3 and it would still cost you less then 1 Clinique matt lipstick. 

Lastly I'm not sure whether there are any other colour matches in the Clinique and Revlon Matt ranges but it would be a great idea to check them out! I hope this was useful, thank you for reading!


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