Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Home Accessories By Next - My Living Room Wish List!

When it comes to furnishing and decorating my home there are only 3 main shops I turn to, Ikea, H&M home and Next! As you are all aware I am very imminently moving from a 2 bedroom flat in a town to a 3 bedroom house in a lovely small village. I am very lucky that when we move in our new house will be completely newly refurbished but even so it will need a personal touch to make it feel and work for us as a family home. 

Now as we are moving to somewhere bigger and a completely different type of space I have a long list furnishings we need to get. So lets start with the living room, we already have a lovely sofa and a refurbished rocking chair for seating and some bookcases for storage and the only other piece of furniture we need to purchase is a new TV unit and I've spotted the most perfect one from Ikea which will also be able to house the majority of the boys toys. 

What we do need to make our new place nice and homely is some decorative accessories to make it nice and cosy and the new home-ware collection from Next is just amazing it has everything you would need to personalise your living space. Firstly I love this little side table the green and wood works perfectly with the colour scheme of our living room and would be very handy to house our phone and not to mention a regular cup of tea! Lamps make great mood lighting in the evenings creating a cosier ambiance, I love floor lamps and in particular this tripod lamp as it has a lovely rustic look. Every living room needs a clock and for me the bigger the better, giant wall clocks make such a statement and this one is pretty huge. Next do a fantastic range of frames and pictures to brighten up the walls these are just a few that would work well with our decor, the house rules I also think are very appropriate with 2 little boys running around. This house shaped trinket storage box not only again matches our colour scheme perfectly but it would sit nicely on the unit in our porch and would be great for storing our keys, loose change, doggy bags and other tit-bits that we like to leave by the front door. Lastly I'm in love with this lighting pendant of different dangling bulbs which again gives a little bit of a rustic warehouse kind of look. 

I urge you to check out Next's home-ware section if you fancy a little spruce up around the home, you will not be disappointed! Thank you for reading.


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