Friday, 4 July 2014

Mixed Bean & Chorizo Fajitas With Homemade Tortillas.

I wasn't going to post this recipe as it doesn't really contain much cooking but it really tasted delicious and its the first time I have ever made my own tortillas which turned out great although not quite round but not bad for a first attempt.

To make your flat breads you will need 250g of plain flour, 150ml of water and 2tbsp of olive oil.....and thats it! Its just a case of combining all your ingredients until they start to come together into a dough, kneed for a few minutes on a floured surface then split into 8 balls. Each ball has to be rolled out as thin as you can get it....the thinner the better, then placed into a dry hot fry pan for a couple of minutes each side or until you get a little colour on them. SIMPLES!

Now onto your mixed bean filling! Take half a chorizo sausage and cut into small chunks and fry in a dry frying pan until it starts to release its oils, then chuck in a can of kidney beans, 1/2 can of sweet corn and some diced red or yellow pepper. You can leave you leave it at that or add a few mexican spices if you wish, then dish up your mixed beans on to a plate then crumble half a packet of feta cheese on top.

I love to serve this dish with some humous, salad and some homemade avocado sauce, which is simply the flesh of a whole avocado blended with some natural yogurt and the juice of 1/2 a lime. When you realise how easy this is to make you will never buy a supermarket fajita kit again!

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