Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Favourites.

This months favourites may seem a little sparse....the fact is this month has been so busy with birthdays and events that I haven't had any time to discover many new loves. If fact a few of these favourites were only discovered in the last week of June so I may have posted about them recently or not got round to reviewing them yet so I am not going to waffle this post will be short and sweet!

Beauty favourites this month include the VO5 Give Me Texture spray, I almost always sleep with a wet plait so that I have effortless wavy hair the next morning without any kind of heat treatment. This spray helps with the textured tousled look and gives my waves a bit more definition and hold, I simply spray generously onto my wet hair before plaiting and it pretty much does what it says on the tin!

I managed to pick up one of The Body Shop scrub-gelee's in the scent blueberry whilst they were having a sale for a bargain price of £5! This scrub looks and smells like jam, the scent is just amazing so juicy and fruity and it does a great job of exfoliating the skin without being too harsh.

Now you may have seen my little Clinique haul post here.....well the two products I purchased are my all time favourites right now wearing them almost everyday! Neither I have got around to reviewing/swatching for you yet so I'm not going to say too much other then they are both fantastic! The Clinique cheek pop blush in 'peach pop' is just the perfect summery shade for my skin tone, I'm a bit of a blusher noob but you cannot go wrong with this and the quality is just incredible. My second Clinique fave is the new Longlasting Matt Lipstick in 'Matt Beauty' I'm such a lover of dusky pink lips so this shade was always going to be a winner for me. I could wear this lipstick all day every day and it definitely doesn't lie when I calls itself long lasting!

My random favourites this month are both food products....I have been loving drinking herbal tea at the moment and we have gone through a whole box of pick-a-mix Tea Pigs tea in less then a month (you can see my review here). The quality of the tea by Tea Pigs is just fantastic and the variety of flavour combinations you can get mean that you will never get bored! My last favourite is one of my most recent posts which is the Graze Breakfast box Subscription. Again another way of adding variety to what your eating whilst still being healthy, Graze breakfasts are both extreamly tasty and very convenient check out my review here to see how you can get your hands on a free box.

A quick note fashion wise another favourite of mine has been my brand new sale find the Zara Combined Office City Bag....annoyingly I forgot to include it in my favourite pictures but you can see my review of it combined with a what's in my bag here.

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