Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Graze Breakfast Box Subscription.

Many of you may have heard of Graze before, they are a snack subscription box delivering you weekly goodies that are healthy, tasty and convenient. Graze not only do snack boxes for adults and children but they also do a breakfast box too! When I saw some pictures of peoples Graze breakfast boxes I knew I wanted to try it, I struggle with eating breakfast and get bored of cereals quite quickly so this seemed the perfect way to introduce some variety into my morning meal.

The Graze breakfast box contains a variety of porridge, muesli and granola and like the other Graze boxes you can go online and remove any you don't like the look of and rate which ones you are more interested in trying. I was open to trying them all so did not make any changes on my online account and this was the first box I received. I love the fact that they personalise your box I mean how cute! Inside your regular Graze cardboard packaging are 4 portions of breakfast cereal in handy sachets which would be great to throw in your lunch box if you wanted to have breakfast at work.

In my box I received 3 granolas and 1 muesli, I didn't receive any porridge in this box which is unfortunate as I would have liked to have tried one for even more variety. All of the flavour combinations sound absolutely scummy and each portion size is reasonably generous too! What I really like about the breakfast box is that provided is a little booklet containing the nutritional information for each cereal and amount of calories per portion which is great if you are keeping track of what your eating.

This morning I decided to have the 'La peaches provencal' granola sachet from my box with fat free natural yogurt, peach slices and mandarin segments. It was an absolutely delicious breakfast and the granola's are especially yummy with fresh fruit added but would taste just as nice on its own with milk.

So far I am loving the Graze breakfast box and if you would like to give it a try too you can get yourself a free box here with the code VGL331K3.    

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