Monday, 21 July 2014

Garnier Moisture Match Review - Another Clinique Dupe?

A few weeks ago a posted about a dupe of the new Long Lasting Matt Lipstick which you can read here.....and I think I may have just found yet another Clinique Dupe!

Last week I received a sample sachet of Garnier Moisture Match in a magazine and I instantly thought of Clinique Moisture Surge which is one of my all time favourite day time moisturisers! Everything from the name and look of the product resembles that of Moisture Surge like Garnier have really gone to town making it look like a dupe.

When I tested it out the moisture match formula even looks exactly the same, a peachy beige coloured moisturiser with a gel like texture. I don't actually have any Moisture Surge left to do a side by side comparison but I did use it for almost a year and from memory it is so so similar. I have been using this Garnier Moisture Match sample the past few days because my skin has started to feel pretty dry and what I love about this gel moisturiser like its Clinique rival it absorbs into the skin almost instantly, feeling completely weightless and invisible with absolutely no sticky or greasy residue left behind.

The only difference I can tell between the two products although the formula and application are practically the same the Garnier Moisture Match didn't quite leave my skin as soft and smooth as the Clinique Moisture Surge but did do wonders for my dry skin with an instant hit of moisture.

The biggest difference between the two products is obviously the price! Clinique Moisture Surge is a MASSIVE £34 compared to Garnier Moisture Match which is a bargain price of £5.99! Thats a crazy £28 saving, now they may not be exactly the same but they are close enough in effectiveness that I would always go for the Garnier!

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