Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Grilled Halloumi With Chorizo & Chickpea Salad Recipe

Another salad for those who don't really do salads! This warm tasty salad is full of different textures which makes it a joy to eat, you could also make this vegetarian by leaving out the chorizo if you fancied a meat free day. The almost meaty texture of the halloumi makes this salad really filling you wont feel like you've 'only had salad for dinner'! So here is what you will need:

  • 1 packet of halloumi.
  • 1 lemon
  • Small handful of mint leaves.
  • 1/2 a can of chickpeas.
  • 50g of lentils pre-cooked in boiling water.
  • 1/2 a chorizo ring.
  • 1/2 pepper.
  • 2 spring onions. 
  • Choice of salad.

The first step is to marinate the halloumi, cutting it into slices and drizzling a little olive oil, lemon juice and sprinkling some mint on top. Cover and refridgerate this for 20 minutes or for as long as possible meanwhile chop your chorizo into bite sized chunks and dry fry until it starts to release its oils. Add your chickpeas and pre-cooked lentils and cook for a further 10-15 minutes. 

Take your halloumi from the fridge and place on a baking tray and grill for 10 minutes or until slightly brown and crisp and the last thing you will need is some salad I like to use spinach and some shaved carrot and cucumber.

Before serving add some diced pepper and spring onion to your chorizo and bean mixture and then its just a matter of compiling all the salad elements! I like to spoon the warm chorizo and chickpeas on top of the salad then placing the grilled halloumi on top of that. A squeeze of lemon and another sprinkle of fresh mint will finish the dish off nicely! 

I've really enjoyed these kind of meals with week, trying to stay clear of pasta and potato based dishes has meant experimenting with more varied ingredients. Eating less starch rich foods has rid my body of the sluggish bloated feeling giving me energy and leaving me feeling full and fresh! 

Thank you for reading!


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