Friday, 11 July 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The Sleek Restorer' Shampoo & Conditioner - A Review!

Usually I am pretty loyal to one shampoo and conditioner and never ever try anything else, partly afraid to waste money on something that might turn out to not to be as good as I'm used to. Recently I was wandering the isles of Asda looking for my usual Aussie shampoo and 3 minute miracle conditioner when these caught my eye. Now I don't know what came over me....perhaps because I had seen a lot of advertising for them or the fact that it contains coconut oil drew me in but I decided to give them a whirl and thought I'd keep you posted on what I thought. 

Now even though Aussie is absolutely fantastic and their 3 minute miracle conditioner is one of the best I have ever tried I had started to realise that using such an intensive conditioner on a daily basis was really weighing my hair down, this was partly why I decided to try something new. I chose the 'Sleek restorer' as getting any sort of shine on blonde hair is difficult!! My hair can be dry, lank and in this humidity slightly frizzy so soft, sleek and shiny locks sounding very appealing to me! 

This shampoo and conditioner smell your washing your hair with Bounty bars! That sweet almost chocolaty coconut smell is just divine. What I didn't realise until I was actually using them was that they are both 'Paraben free' although still containing sulphates it is still a lot better for your hair then other shampoos. 

The shampoo lathers well leaving my hair feeling lovely and clean but the conditioner when applying it seemed to quickly disappear resulting in me having to put quite a substantial amount on for my hair to feel even the slightest bit conditioned. It felt so so different to my usual Aussie conditioner that I was worried I really wasn't going to like the end result, after conditioning my hair didn't feel smooth or soft at all.  

I genuinely was expecting the worse once it was try, I stuck it up in a wet plait as I usually do and slept on it. In the morning I was so pleasantly surprised my hair is soft without it being unmanageable and not frizzy at all, but the main and most noticeable change was how glossy my locks were! It just shows you how dull my hair must have been before completely clogged up and weighed down and now my hair feels light and bouncy with tons of shine. It was very hard to capture in a photo but even my two day old hair still looked shiny but without looking greasy...what more could you ask for!

What makes this even better is that I picked up these Garnier products in Asda on offer for only £1.50 each! which is under half the price of my usual Aussie choices. Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this range and I would also like to get the intensive conditioner and hair oil that goes along with these too.

Hope this was useful for you!



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  1. I purchased the vanilla milk, dead ends version of this shampoo. I love how well ot lathers up. Im debating purchasing this one too as my hair is very dry and frizzy x