Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Slow Cooker Pork and Vegetable Stroganoff - A Recipe.

I have started to rekindle my love for using my slowcooker after kind of forgetting about it a bit and loosing inspiration. One major thing I missed about using it was how easy it makes meal times not to mention how it creates one pot dishes which a jam packed with flavour. Its all most fool proof chuck a load of ingredients in the pot mid morning and by dinner time all you have to do is dish up or maybe cook a side dish to go with it but it makes evenings so much less chaotic! This one pot wonder is a pork and vegetable stroganoff my absolute favourite slow cooked dish one that I didn't even follow a recipe for so I am pretty impressed with the outcome! Here is what you will need:

  • Pork medallions, steaks or diced.
  • 2 large carrots.
  • 1 courgette 
  • 1/2 pack of baby potatoes.
  • 1 red pepper.
  • 1 clove of garlic.
  • Chicken stock
  • Fresh or dried thyme.
  • 3tsp of wholegrain mustard.
  • A good splash of Worcester sauce.
  • 2tsp of paprika.
  • A whole tub of reduced fat creme fraiche. 
Because this meal is cooked in a slow cooker its just a case of bunging all the ingredients in but I will talk you through it anyway! I like to use lean pork medallions, I put them in whole and then they are falling apart by the time I serve up I just break them up a little into large chunks. Keep your carrots and courgette chunky as you don't want them to over cook and disintegrate, and the potatoes are the opposite you want to cut them small so they cook all the way though. Add your herbs and spices, mustard and Worcester sauce and then pour over the chicken stock so that it covers all the ingredients. You want to leave your creme fraiche until last only adding it an hour before serving this will stop any chance of it curdling or splitting. Cook everything on a low setting for 6-7 hours, I usually put it on at 10am and serve around 5pm. 

A little tip is to remove the lid and turn your slow cooker on to the high setting for the last 30 minutes if you would like your sauce to reduce a little and make it slightly thicker. This would be a lovely meal to serve with some crusty bread or a small portion of rice like I did, the vegetables can be varies depending on what you have in your fridge and you could even use beef or chicken instead. 

This dish has so much flavour and was a complete hit with the kids they absolutely loved it! Eating all the vegetables without batting an eyelid and even licking their plates its a definite winner for all the family!

Thank you for reading! 


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