Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Life Lately.

So we had some nice weather, we had picnics, trips to the park, got a paddling pool, had our first BBQ and it was lovely but unfortunately now the rain is back with a vengeance. We spent the miserable bank holiday weekend mostly watching films, baking and just generally relaxing indoors. When the sun did make an appearance for a brief period on Sunday we took advantage of it by whisking the boys off to their soon to be new village visiting the in-laws, the park and our soon to be new home to take a few measurements for furniture and curtains.

The boys love it at their Nanny & Grandads, playing with their Dads old train sets and running around the garden. We blew bubbles and ate ice cream and down the park Eli went down all the slides whilst Wesley had fun on the swings, we took both the dogs who also thoroughly enjoyed the nice walk. The change in weather I think got to Eli a bit and he was a bit unwell for 24 hours with a high fever, he spend a whole day naked in and out of sleep but im so glad it didn't last very long I hate seeing him poorly.

Things have finally got moving with the sale of our flat and is now on the market! Moving is the most stressful experience ever and we have only just started! Dealing with solicitors and arranging viewings not to mention de-cluttering and eventually packing....I have already noticed I have been binge snacking because I am stressed, I've really got to stop otherwise I'll have put on 2 stone by the time we move! Ebay has been my best friend recently, we are trying to sell everything we don't need and save the money ready to buy some new furniture for the new house, I will be doing a huge ikea haul a few weeks before we move as I have a ridiculously long wish list that you can see on my Pinterest.

Other things to look forward to are Greigs birthday which I have booked as to have lunch in a beautiful and classy restaurant that overlooks Folkestone harbour the views look stunning! I still am yet to get him a present I am struggling for inspiration so much this year! The day after Greigs birthday is Fathers Day and we have a great day out planned, Greig, his dad, Eli, my dad and I are going for a ride on the Dimchurch steam railway visiting the coastal towns and stopping for a fish and chip lunch.

Then before we know it it will be Wesley's birthday! I still have to get his play tent and some books but I have almost got all of his party decorations which I will be doing one huge blog post on once it at all arrived. I have also exchanged my Tesco's Clubcard vouchers for tokens for the zoo so we will be having a family day out the weekend of Wesley's birthday and it will be his first trip to the zoo!

Its safe to say june is a pretty crazy month for us, lets hope I can get through it without having a breakdown! I'm sure its going to be one to remember!

Thank you for reading.


Monday, 26 May 2014

Fathers Day Gift Guide.

Fathers Day like Mothers Day has become an extremely commercial holiday! They day should be about appreciating those figures we have in our lives rather then showering them in expensive meaningless gifts. So despite this being a gift guide I am also going to include some thoughtful Fathers Day extras to do and to make.

If you are really stuck for Fathers Day ideas you can never go wrong with boxers and socks, in fact I bought a pair of daddy pig (from peppa pig) boxers last Fathers Day as a gift. They might not be sentimental but at least you know they will be well used, in particular I like this gift set from Ted Baker. 

Anything personalised will make a great Fathers Day gift, something with a personal message on that will always remind them how much they are appreciated. This wooden Iphone skin from Lumber Jacket is not only practical but can be engraved with a message of your choice, perfect for those tech savvy sophisticated dads.  

Chocolate again is a failsafe gift but how about something a little different. Try the fathers day range of hot chocolate spoons from Coco Delicious not only look great but once stirred into hot milk creates the perfect luxurious drink a great treat for any dad. 

For all those beer drinking dads how about a mixed create of award winning british beers to taste, If your lucky they might even share them! 

Every Daddy needs his own mug for his morning cuppa! If buying for young children to gift this Emma Bridgewater mug is simple but stylish and a cuppa tea in bed on Fathers Day morning will always go down a treat. 

Lastly photos are the perfect sentimental gift, how about making a Fathers Day scrapbook or photo journal filled with pictures of you both from over the years and if your not particularly arty Photobox can do most of the work for you. 

I think that time spent with your family is better then any gift so why not organise a day out together. This could be anything from a Father Day lunch either at a restaurant or homemade, a round of golf or how about a trip on the Romney Hythe & Dimchurch steam railway stopping off at a costal town for a fish and chip lunch....this is what I have planned for Fathers Day! 

Other great ideas include booking an appointment for a cut throat shave at your local barbers, a family evening out at the dog track or simply a pancake breakfast in bed. Young children can make all sorts of lovely handmade gifts and cards and have great fun at the same time, so get out all the paints, glitter and craft stuff and let them go wild. Pinterest has tons of great ideas for handmade Fathers Day items if inspiration is needed.  

Don't forget the real meaning of these holidays. Thank you for reading.


Weekly Wish List.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six.

There are so many things I am lusting after right now but to be honest I haven't really let myself do much window shopping. We are due to be moving in the next few months so my actual shopping lists consist of moving boxes and new furniture which is just as exciting as decorating is my favourite. 

So first on my wish list is a product that is not currently available but is due to be released soon a new colour of the Urban Decay Naked Blush palette called 'Streak'. There is currently only one colour available in their Naked Blush Palette range but this is soon to expand, 'Streak' contains a beautiful matt bronzer, a peach coloured shimmery highlight and a stunning corral blush. The bronze looks light enough for my fair skin and is not as 'orange' as the one in the current blush palette and the highlight and blush are in colours that are very wearable for me. 

As I mentioned I have been using a sample Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish that I received in the May Birch Box and have been loving it! I'm about half way through my little tube and already have my sights set on buying a full sized, I like to it switch up using this or my Clinique Take The Day Off balm depending on what I fancy. 

I am really into dainty jewellery especially rings I love stacking rings or anything I can chop and change, having small hands means big rings just do not suit me. This little double interlocked infinity knot ring from Etsy is so beautiful, not only do I love the two toned metal but its such a great little symbol of love and commitment a perfect gift for an anniversary. 

Around Christmas time Ciate released 'The Doll's House Collection' or nail varnishes and I was really annoyed I never got round to buying it, but for summer they have just realised 'The Beach Hut Collection'. It is a lovely mixture of pretty pastels and vibrant summer colours and I must not miss out on it this time around!  

I have such a tiny lipstick collection....don't worry I'm sure it wont stay small for very long! I would love a couple of real luxury lipsticks for special occasions, and it doesn't get much more luxurious then Channel. I love this Channel Rouge COCO hydrating lip creme in the colour 'Mademoiselle' a lovely pinky nude which I'm sure I would get tones of wear out of....that is if I'm not too afraid to use and spoil it!       

Lastly call me crazy for looking at coats at the start of summer but I couldn't help myself when I was little little beauty!! This stunning vibrant salmon pink coat from Zara would make such a statement to any wardrobe and we do still get rain in summer in the Uk! The other thing that blew me away was the price....only £39.99 I think thats it an absolute bargain as it looks a lot more expensive then that. 

Thank you for reading.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

LouLou's Homemade Sweet & Sour Chicken - A Recipe!

There is nothing better then making a take away at home, you know exactly whats going in it and it most of the time it tastes so much better whether it be homemade kebab, pizza or in this case chinese!
Here is what you will need to make my homemade sweet and sour chicken:

  • 1 carrot.
  • 1 orange peper.
  • 1 pack of baby corn.
  • 1 clove of garlic.
  • 150g of tomato ketchup.
  • 50g brown sugar.
  • 50g malt vinegar.
  • 50g sweet chilli sauce.
  • 1tbsp soya sauce.
  • 1 tin pineapple chunks in juice. 
  • 2 cooked chicken breasts. 
  • Rice and peas to serve.

To start slice your carrots very thinly and cut your pepper and corn into chunks, place these in a fry pan with your crushed garlic clove and fry gently. Once softened add your tomato ketchup, sugar, vinegar, chilli sauce, soya sauce and the juice from the pineapple. Simmer the sauce until it starts to thicken and then add the chicken breasts cut into chunks and the pineapple.

Whilst the chicken is warming through and the sauce is thickening cook come rice and peas in a saucepan to packet instructions and serve with your sweet and sour chicken. This is by far one of my favourite weekend treats and I think it tastes so much fresher then a take away chinese not to mention cheaper!

Thank you for reading.


Bacon Quiche - A Recipe

When the summer comes quiche is one of my favourite foods to eat, its just so yummy with a plate full of salad and you cant get better then homemade it tastes so much nicer then shop bought versions!

This was my first attempt at making quiche my mother in law makes the best bacon quiche and I just had to give it a go too. So here is what you will need:
  • 175g flour.
  • 75g butter.
  • 200g cheese.
  • 1-2 large tomatoes.
  • 200g bacon lardons.
  • 4 eggs.
  • 100ml milk.
  • 200ml double cream.
  • A little pepper and mixed herbs.
To make the pastry, sift the flour together with a pinch of salt in a large bowl, rub the butter into the flour until a breadcrumb texture forms. Add just enough cold water for the crumb mixture to start coming together to form a ball of dough. Rest the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up ready to roll. 

While your pastry is chilling fry your bacon lardons until cooked and slightly crispy then grease a dish with a knob of butter ready to put the pastry in. Take your dough from the fridge and roll out on a floured surface until it is big enough to fit in your dish making sure its not too thin, you don't want it to break or go soggy. put the rolled out dough into you dish pushing it down at the sides so that it is completely touching the dish and then chill in the fridge again for another 20 minutes. 

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees and remove your dish from the fridge, put a sheet of parchment paper over the top of the pastry then fill the dish with ceramic baking beans or rice and blind bake for 20 minutes. This gives you a nice crisp pastry and stops the quiche bottom going soggy when you add the liquid filling.

Take out of the oven and reduce the heat down to 160 degrees, sprinkle your grated cheese on the bottom of your pastry, then your sliced tomatoes followed by your crispy bacon. Combine your eggs, milk and cream in a bowl giving it a good whisk, season then pour into your pastry case over the top of the fillings. Sprinkle a little dried mixed herbs over the surface and place in the oven to cook for a further 30-40 minutes or until set in the middle. 

Slice into wedges and serve with salad, I also made some homemade potato salad or coleslaw would make a great accompaniment too! This is a complete family winner the kids absolutely love it!

Thank you for reading.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

New Additions To My Evening Skincare.

Im not very loyal when it comes to my skincare it is very rare that any products have a permanent position in my routine for any longer then a year.....this is mainly because I love trying different products and finding what works best for me and for my budget.

This is why I enjoyed having a Birch Box subscription getting to try a variety of products and brands that I may not come across or may not purchase due to price. Recently I received 2 lots of generously sized skincare samples that I have really enjoyed using so I thought Id share with you guys how I have introduced them into my skincare routine and what I think of them so far.

The first I received in the latest Birch Box and thats the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, a generous 30ml tube that comes with a handy Liz Earle muslin cloth. I must be one of the very few who had yet to try this Iconic iconic that its just won its 100th award in the beauty industry! Needless to say I was super excited to try it and have been using it continuously for the past 10 days usually after I have taken the majority of my make up off with my Garnier Micellar Water. I spread the thick cream cleanser all over my face, even over my eyes which does not irritate at all. The smell is beautifully herby and I love the thick texture which almost looks like a moisturiser rather then a cleanser. I then run the muslin cloth under hot water and ring out before starting to wipe away the cleanser from my skin. Another reason this product is so great is the fact that removing it with the muslin cloth gently exfoliates the skin meaning this is a 2 in 1 product which saves time and money by removing the need for an extra exfoliant in your routine.

The second skincare addition I have been testing out is the 3 Step Anti Blemish System by Clinique which I was lucky enough to have sent to me. The skincare trio includes a cleansing bar, clarifying toner and clearing treatment but so far I have only been using the toner and treatment. I'm very reluctant to try the 'cleansing bar'....basically soap, as they are usually very drying and I generally stick to cream or balm cleansers. But this is Clinique we are talking about and I have never had a single problem with any of their skincare products so maybe I should just suck it up and give it a go. What I can tell you is that the clarifying toner is amazing, again a 2 in 1 product combining the exfoliation and toning processes that is so refreshing on the skin. My routine had been lacking a toner for quite some time and I've had difficulty in choosing one to try but after using this for the past 10 days It is definitely something I am going to repurchase! The other part of this trio I have been loving is the clearing treatment, so far I have been using it as an over night cream which I apply just before I go to bed. I has a lovely silky texture that sinks into the skin really well it feels very hydrating and leaves your skin very soft. I've had a few blemishes recently due to me being lazy with my skincare and the occasional night of falling asleep in my make up (dont shoot me!) so this is just what I needed. Within a few uses the blemishes I had started demonising even troublesome buggers that had been lingering for a its safe to say I am impressed!

I would really like to try the cleansing gel that also comes in the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions skincare range as I have heard wonderful things about this also and would be more inclined to use it compared to the cleansing bar. What do you think of this new range by Clinique? I'm very much looking forward to the next bonus time so I can splurge on some goodies!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Face Of The Month.

This month I seem to have a go to look when it comes to make up, usually I try shake things up to get the most use out of my make up collection but this month I seem to be favouring this combination of products in particular so I thought I'd share it with you.

So for base I have been using my new Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 'Light Porcelain' I have raved about this foundation so much but in all it leaves me with the most perfect fresh and natural looking dewy finish which is perfect for the warmer months. A lot of the time if I'm having a good skin day or am just spending the day indoors I skip using foundation and just use the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer buffing it in around my eyes and nose.

I'm loving the glowy bronzed look at the moment especially now I have found this beautiful bronzer by MUA, even though I am so pale this bronzer doesn't look out of place on my skin. I use a fluffy brush to buff a little of the colour into the hollows of my cheeks, around my jaw line and temples giving a little contour and colour to my face.

On the apples of my cheeks I've still been loving TheBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama blush, its a fantastic coral colour with gold undertones that gives the perfect hint of pink and shimmer to my a highlight and blush all in one. For brows the only brow product I have ever owned and will ever use, Benefits Gimme Brow is quick and easy giving my brows a tint and a whole lot more volume!

On my eyes I have been using a simple sweep of Alima Pure luminous shimmer eyeshadow pigment in 'Chai' which is a nude/light brown colour that gives a great natural yet understated look, followed by lashings of my two favourite mascaras by Laura Mercier and Soap & Glory.  

I've ditched the black eyeliner altogether in favour of just filling in my water line with Rimmel Scandaleyes nude liner which makes my eyes look so much bigger and wider and again very natural. And lastly you cant go wrong with a Clinique Chubby Stick for a sheer hint of my lips but better colour, they are easy to wear and feel so moisturising on the lips my favourite this month being 'Super Strawberry'.  

Thank you for reading.


Battle Of The Balm Cleansers.

I have been a fan of Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm for some time and has become a firm staple in my skincare routine, so when I received a cleansing balm and a recent Birch Box I couldn't wait to do a comparison. The balm in question is One Love Organics Skin Saviour an absolutely beautifully smelling balm which for a full sized product would cost £30 which is almost £10 more then my regular Clinique balm.

Now not only is this balm organic and free of any nasties, it claims to be multi purpose which can be also used to moisturise rough skin and tame fly away hairs. I love the scent of this balm it is a slightly citrusy spa like smell which is something I miss from Clinique products. I have tried using this balm on both my elbows and knees giving a little moisture to any dry areas and it really works great although I find it needs a little warming up so that it spreads a little easier.

The texture is thick and a little Vaseline like, the warmer it gets the the more oilier and easier to work with it becomes. This is very different to the Clinique balm which feels more solid kind of like solidified fat/oil that instantly turns to an oil as soon as its touched. This makes massaging it around the face a lot easier then that Skin Saviour which I feel drags a little and needs a lot more working with.

Again because the Clinique balm is looser in texture when it comes to rinsing it off the skin it is a lot easier then the Skin Saviour. This is my one main gripe with the Skin Saviour balm it may remove any remanding make up and dirt off the skin really well but removing the product from your skin is ridiculously difficult. The product is almost waterproof so a lot of product tends to be left behind on the skin that could result in the skin being greasy and pores being blocked which could then lead to breakouts. When using this balm I felt like I had a cleanse again using a different type of product to make sure any left over residues were gone which just seems silly.

Its a shame that Its so difficult to work with as I adore the scent and find it really moisturising but for cleansing I am definitely sticking to my Clinique Take The Day Off!!

Are there any balm cleansers you guys would recommend me try? Thank you for reading.


Tried & Tested - Soap & Glory SPF 50.

So I've had this little product for a while now but without any sunny weather I had yet to test it out fully....Until this weekend that is!! The Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid is an SPF 50 moisturisers which boasts the up most protection from UVA/UVB rays without the greasy, sticky feel and look of regular sunscreen. Likened by many beauty bloggers as the high street dupe of Kielhl's Ultra Light Daily Defence but for less then half the price. 

This weekend the sun certainly had his hat on meaning I could fully test how well this moisturiser wears under make up exposed to the sun all day. After cleansing my face I used this as my only moisturiser, at first it seems very greasy but given a few minutes it sinks into the skin nicely. I apply a mattifying primer over the top and the my regular face of make up, once finished I can safely say there were no signs of any greasy sunscreen look that could be seen. Now I have a very pale skin tone and my skin is very prone to sun damage, every single summer I end up with a severely burnt nose so I was praying that this was the product that could change that. 

I spend a whole day at the park with the boys running around in the sunshine and the first thing I noticed was that my face wasn't any oilier then it would usually be from being a little hot. I was a little shinny in my T zone but nothing too dramatic that a little top up of powder half way through the day couldn't fix. When I got home I was keen to survey for any redness and signs of sun damage and there was zero! This one application had protected my skin all day without compromising the finish of my make up which is exactly what I was looking for. 

Over all I am so happy that I have introduced this product into my summer skincare routine I dread to think how much damage I have done to my skin over the years due to over exposure of sun rays! I now use this every sunny day when I know I am going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, on regular days I still use an SPF moisturiser just something a little lighter. 

I'd love to know how this compares to the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Defence....Let me know if any of you guys have tried both?      


Saturday & Sunday Family Funday.

Oh my word hasn't this weekend been amazing?? Is this the start of summer?!! It has been scorchingly hot this weekend so out came the summer dresses, short, hats and the factor 50 as we all braved the heat and headed outdoors. We spent this weekend lapping up as much sunshine as possible, when you live in the UK you have to make the most of it! We spent saturday in the garden and sunday picnicking at the beautiful Cobtree Manor Park Maidstone which has the most amazing kids outdoor play area. It was also a weekend for great food from homemade sweet and sour chicken, quiche to homemade picnic food....and one or two sneaky ice creams also!

So here is my weekend in pictures:

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Toys For Boys.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Construction - Kids love to build things and take things apart any type of lego or building blocks will keep them amused for hours, we have an extensive collection of Lego Duplo and I know Eli would love this fire station set to add to his stash. 

Technology - You will all know by now every child wants what their parents have, from phones to tablets there are children's versions of everything these days. I really love this Disney Pixar Cars digital camera...teach them to take their own pictures what great memento's to keep! 

Learning - Every parent wants their child's toys to be educational, it could be something to help them learn the alphabet or even tell the time....this wooden fruit set by Melissa & Doug helps teach your child how to cut a skill essential for independence. 

Characters - Most children will have a favourite character from a film or T.V show....Eli's current love is Toy Story. By owning characters from their favourite shows it really encourages imagination and pretend play. 

Sentimental - Most children seem to grow attached to one particular item usually a soft toy which will stay the same and bring them comfort for many years. When Eli turned 1 he received a Build-A-Bear for his birthday and has been attached to it ever since and we intend to do the same for Eli. A special sentimental teddy which they can chose themselves and have a hand in the making is a great experience for a young child.

Pretend - Pretend play is extremely important in developing imagination and learning skills play kitchens, tea sets and work benches make excellent toys and I love this one by Vertbaudet. 

Thank you for reading!


Thursday, 15 May 2014

LouLou Loves....Charming Arthur Fashion Accessories For Boys.

I love dressing up my two little boys, I love boys fashion and as you may know already I have a little obsession with bow ties, braces, flat caps....anything befitting my two little gentleman. As Wesley's first birthday rapidly approaches I decided on the theme 'Little Gentleman's Tea Party'....any excuse to buy them ridiculously cute outfits of course! I started to scour the web for a modern stylish bow tie and braces set finding loads of fabulous ones......only one problem they were all from America!

The prices may seem reasonable but once you pay for shipping, VAT, customs charges you end up paying a small fortune! Other then a very small (boring) selection on the high street mainly from H&M I could not find anywhere U.K based that sold what I was looking for.......Until now! 

Let me introduce you to Charming Arthur:

"From the arrival of our own Prince Charming born on the same day as Prince George we set about lots and lots of baby shopping (who can resist tiny clothing) but soon noticed the lack of baby/toddler boys stylish accessories within the UK. This soon prompted the birth of a very new and exciting baby of ours; Charming Arthur. A range a suave and sophisticated bow ties and casual yet trendy bandanas to piece together with the oh so lovely braces."

It seemed like fate when I stumbled across this small Facebook based business......even more of a coincidence they are even based in my home town. I jumped at the chance of owning something so perfect for Wesley's birthday outfit and have been so excited to review their products for you.

Charming Arthur sell a selection of handmade mix and match collections of bow ties and braces above are the ones that I chose from the 'Yacht Club Collection'. I instantly fell in love with the adorable blue and white polka dots and the contrasting yellow bow tie, I loved the fact you could choose to match or contrast the the two different accessories. There are several different collections to choose from all with a set of braces and several coordinating  bow ties, I think the fabric design selection is fabulous and they all look extremely stylish yet sophisticated.  

The accessories come in 3 different sizes 0-6 months, 6-24 months and 2-6 years, these 3 pieces are in 6-24 months and they fit Wesley perfectly and the bow ties even fit Eli and he is 2 and a half so there is a lot of room for growth which is really nice to know.

Not only do they look super stylish they seem very well made and hardy enough to withstand the rough and tumble of toddlers. The braces are adjustable again allowing for quite a bit of growth and have clips that fasten onto any type of trouser or shorts. In the past I had bought trousers for the boys that had come with braces but they had a button fasten so I couldn't then attach them to any other trousers but with these the options are endless. The bow ties have a velcro fasten instead of your usual clip which is great because I find on toddlers the clips are likely to break more easily.  

Another lovely little detail is this Charming Arthur logo stitched onto the back of the braces which sets off the design lovely. Prices are extremely reasonable £8 for one bow tie, £18 for a bow tie and braces set and £20 for 3 bow ties. Overall I am so impressed with these products they are one of a kind and its so hard to find anything like it in the Uk. I know that my boys will look so gorgeous wearing these at Wesley's birthday party and to give you a little idea of how I would style them here is a sneak peek of some of their outfit:

I would thoroughly recommend Charming Arthur please check out their items and like their page which can be found here. I will be placing many more orders from Charming Arthur I'm sure and next month you will be able to see these items modelled when I post Wesley's first birthday pictures so keep your eye out! 

Thank you for reading! 


* Some Items gifted for review purposes, these are all my own 100% honest opinions which are no way influenced by the brand.  

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation In Light Porcelain.

So for a while now Rimmel Wake Me Up has been my go to favourite foundation, for me I just absolutely love the finnish. It leaves a beautifully dewy and very natural finish I'm not a fan of a pure matt finish they look too powdery to me but for a drugstore foundation at only £8.99 its perfect.

Now even though I absolutely love this foundation I have always had one major gripe with it which is that the palest shade it comes in is still to orange for my pale skin. So annoying when your find your perfect foundation and it isn't a good match, I was having to take their palest shade which was 100 Ivory and mx it with a different brand of foundation in a paler shade to lighten it which is very inconvenient having two buy 2 foundations.

Now isn't it great when it seems that a brand actually listen to what the consumer wants? Well it must have been a problem that a lot of purchasers complained about because guess what.....they listened and released a shade for us pale girls.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation has now been released in a new paler shade called 010 Light Porcelain and I was ridiculously excited when I heard the news. Now annoyingly the new shade is not available in boots which is a pain because I wanted to buy it as a part of their 3 for 2 but it can be found in Superdrug or online on ASOS or Feel Unique.

Onto the shade comparison, this was the lightest shade previous to the new release the one I was having to mix....the colour difference is a bit of a joke, the new Light Porcelain shade is so much paler and slightly more pink toned it matches my skin tone so much better which is great. The only thing I would say is that this dramatic difference in shades seems a bit silly and could have been a bit more gradual and there definitely still needs to be a a shade in between these two as well.

I liken the new Wake Me Up shade to the L'Oreal True Match in Rose Ivory although they are a completely different finish the True Match being a lot more matt which isn't really my bag!

Overall the new shade is pretty perfect for me and it is great the brand recognised the problem in the shade range although could still go a lot further in creating more variety. So for us pale girls there is now more hope at finding a good foundation match on the high street which is a step in the right direction.

What do you guys think of the new Light Porcelain shade?

Thank you for reading.


Nas Laguna Bronzer Alternative For Only £3?!

Now I must start by admitting I do not own the iconic Nas Laguna, it is the bronzer every blogger raves about yet being a pale girl I have shied away from the realm of bronzer for fear of looking...well orange! Also I couldn't risk spending the high price and then the colour just not being right for me.

So after hearing several bloggers post about the MUA Bronzed Perfection stating it is a very good alternative although not a full blown dupe of Nas Laguna, I had to give it a try! Now I am a complete bronzer/contour noob again partly not knowing what products would suit my ultra pale complexion but for £3 it didn't really matter if it was an epic fail.

So I will start off with what I have read about the MUA/Nas comparison, after looking at swatches online the first very visible difference is that Nas Laguna is very shimmery bordering on full on glitter where as MUA Bronzed Perfection has a very subtle sheen which for me is a huge plus especially as it looks more natural when using it for contouring. The second noticeable factor is the MUA bronzer is very slightly lighter in colour again a plus for paler skin tones which find Nas Laguna a little to dark.

So onto the MUA bronzer itself...firstly it is huge! A very large round pan filled with 15g of product, it makes me wonder how you would ever get through it all! And at £3 I mean come on that is great value for money especially when its a whole £23 less then Nas Laguna and you are getting 7g more of product! The packaging although cheep and plasticy is robust enough to protect it from damage. The texture of this bronzer is so buttery soft, a brush picks up tons of pigment and when applied with a light hand it is easy to blend and looks beautifully natural. Being pale I do have to apply it very lightly but it doesn't leave me looking orange or muddy which is what I had been worried about.

This is my second MUA purchase, my first being the Undress Me Too palette which is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked2, and I have to say the product quality is just amazing for such an affordable price...You cant get much better on the high street and I am looking forward to trying more of their products.

Thank you for reading.