Thursday, 19 June 2014

Zara Sale Haul!

Today is the start of the Zara sale and I couldn't wait to have a look online to see what had been reduced! Zara is one of those shops that have tons of things that I lust after but never really shop in, some things tend to be are a little more pricey but all there stuff is gorgeous!

I had previously spotted this coat in Zara and it actually popped up in one of my wish list posts and at the time I thought it was very reasonably priced at £39.99 but to my luck it was in the sale and had been reduced an extra tenner and at £29.99 I couldn't pass it up! I know its summer but at least I will have a nice coat stashed away ready for autumn. I would usually buy a medium but because it is oversized I decided to buy a small as I don't like coats too baggy and I find sizing down works best for this shape of coat....lets hope this wasn't a mistake! The colour is an amazing salmon pink which is vibrant and beautiful, I always wanted a pink coat but the pastel shades are not quite me and I like this one as it's not too girly.

My other purchase was the stunning bag called the combined city bag, it came in too colours and I had to stop myself from buying both! Choosing between them was very difficult the other was black in colour with a grey front and a red insert pouch but I decided to go with the grey, white and black. The bag is structured with a carry handle and cross body strap, it as several compartments inside, a pocket on the front with a pouch insert which can be taken out or used separately. I haven't been using my baby changing bag that much at the moment so I've been wanting a bag that is big enough to fit the kids stuff in put not as big as my huge changing bag. The compartments will be perfect for separating mine and the kids things and it just looks so much more stylish to carry around. This bag was also £29.99 reduced from £39.99.

Full reviews will be posted as soon as I have received the items and I'm also planning a whats in my bag post too!    

Thank you for reading.


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