Saturday, 14 June 2014

Greig's Birthday Breakfast and Baking!

Today has been a special day, It is my lovely Mr's birthday and the last year of his 20's! We have been spoiling him rotten all day as he thoroughly deserves it! We have had a lovely day which I will detail over two blog posts but first lets talk about the first half of the day.

I wanted to bake Greig a yummy homemade birthday cake and because victoria sponge is his favourite that is what I baked. We are overflowing with homegrown strawberries at the moment from my families allotment so much so my mother-in-law made a ton of strawberry jam! So after baking a traditional victoria sponge and making a plain butter cream I sandwiched it all together with some sliced homegrown strawberries and homemade strawberry jam! It is an absolutely delicious treat, a perfect accompaniment to a good cup of tea!

Talking of tea one of his birthday presents was an assortment of 12 pick-a-mix tea's from TeaPigs. So far we have sampled the 'Everyday brew' which is a great, very clean tasting builders tea. We may have just had a cheeky cuppa with a sneaky bit of dark chocolate with orange and almond, the perfect afternoon treat!

Other presents that we showered Greig with included clothes and tickets to go watch some championship boxing in London in September, we both love boxing so are very much looking forward to getting to be ring side and watching it live!

Whilst Greig was walking the dog this morning I prepared lovely little continental breakfast for us to enjoy. When he got back the table was filled with croissants, homemade jam, fresh berries, oranges, muesli and yogurt it was super tasty and the boys loved having croissants.

Our bellies were full and ready for a little surprise outing I had planned for the birthday boy, check out my second blog post for the rest of the days antics!


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