Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A little Wesley Update.

As his first birthday approaches....honestly how is he one on friday, I don't even know.....I thought I'd do a little development update.

Wesley had his one year check at the clinic last week and he is hitting all his development milestones nicely. Even though we had a long wait and his appointment was right around his nap time he was so well behaved at the Surestart centre, the health visitor even commented on how chatty and social he was!

Currently Wesley is very well proportioned at the 50% percentile for both hight and weight and his weight is just over 20lbs. This came as a bit of a surprise to me as I always felt Wesley was relatively big for his age as he has been in 12-18 month clothing for ages now but apparently is pretty average. We went through his physical abilities like being able to stand on his own, pull himself up, can throw objects, pick small things up, climb things, gives things when asked and point to things he wants. A more recent development is his attempt at walking, so far he has taking 5 steps on his own he tends not to like being pushed into it and will do it when he thinks we are not looking!

Things he loves to do recently is shake his head when he doesn't want something, throw an object then go and fetch it and throw it again, he loves pointing to things he wants like light switches and he can also point to his dad in photographs and say 'dadda'!

Speaking of talking he says mumma, dadda and nanna appropriately and 'dat' at things that he wants but he also understands a lot of things that we say. He knows the word milk, if you say shoes he will crawl to his wardrobe and then to the front door, if you say brush teeth he crawls to the bathroom. 

Things he hates are keeping still or being confined to somewhere like his highchair or having the baby gate up or if you shut the door to somewhere he wants to go! He loves to play with things he shouldn't like the phone, the computer, loved pulling things off shelves and out of cupboards and putting his hands down the toilet (YUK!).       

He has a huge appetite and has 3 balanced healthy meals a day eating whole foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables. He also still has 3-4 bottles of cows milk a day which we are slowly trying to reduce down. Sleep is a little bit of an issue at the moment due to several factors the main being the two boys are sharing a room and Eli often disturbs him. We also cant seem to get him to sleep without milk due to a comfort attachment habit which difficult to break and because of this if he wakes in the night again the only way to get him back to sleep is to give him more milk.

.....this is something we are currently working on....and struggling with but I'm sure we'll get there in the end!

Wesley has such a loving personality and gives the best cuddles but he is also fiercely independent and wilful and throws more tantrums then my two year old! I still can't believe that is almost a year ago that I had the quickest labour that meant we almost didn't make it to the hospital, I cant say its been an easy year caring for 2 children it's been a huge learning curve for me but I can safely say now I have found my balance. 

Thank you for reading.



  1. SHUT UP is Wesley that big already! I swear he was only a teeny baby 5 minutes ago!

    1. I know its crazy right! You little man must be getting big too!! x