Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Aldi Does Aussie - A Review.

When browsing the isles of Aldi whilst doing my weekly food shop something familiar looking caught my eye amongst the Aldi Special Buys....and it was this. A shampoo that looked remarkably similar to that of my favourite brand Aussie. Not only does the packaging and design look ridiculously similar but it also boasts using Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract just like the brand Aussie does.

After being such a regular user of the Aussie shampoo I couldn't pass up the chance of comparing the two and was a little excited to see if it genuinely was a budget Aussie dupe. Price point wise the Aldi version was only £1.99 compared to Aussie's £4.99 although Aussie is quite frequently on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots and many supermarkets.

When having a little look at the ingredients although I am no expert they looked pretty similar both containing the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice which I am guessing is the Kangaroo Paw flower extract but Aussie contained macadamia seed oil which its look-a-like did not. When using them I noticed 2 main differences, firstly even though the scent was very very similar the Aussie shampoo was an opaque pearly white where as the cheaper Aldi alternative was just a clear yellow liquid. The second and main difference I noticed when using the Aldi version was that it lathered but a huge amount more then what the Aussie shampoo did which I think means it must contain higher levels of Sulphates which are not so great for your hair.

The results meant that even though my hair felt just as clean as it usually would with using Aussie shampoo it felt a lot lot dryer and completely void of any moisture despite using my regular conditioner. Over all I think the higher levels oh sulphates and the lack of macadamia oil made a big difference to the feel and texture of my hair and is a large negative when it comes to using this cheap Aussie look-a-like....Im afraid its a definite miss for me!

Hope you found this review useful, thank you for reading!


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