Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee - A Review.

On a last minute trip to Bluewater shopping centre on the hunt for a few extra presents for Wesley's birthday I quickly popped into The Body Shop after seeing big sale signs in their window. Their sale mainly consisted of a few of their body butters and this scrub all reduced down to £5 from £12!

I'm not a huge fan of The Body Shop body butters even so I have a load of body moisturisers on the go right now but a gentle body exfoliant is something that I did need. I am currently right at the bottom of a tub of the olive body scrub from The Body Shop which I bought for Greig but I find it a little to harsh on my skin so this option seemed perfect.

This scrub is a light exfoliant with a jelly like fact it looks exactly like blueberry jam and smells just as edible. The exfoliant particles are actually fruit seeds which makes it extra gentle on the skin and it contains fair trade honey which leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.

But by far the best thing about this scrub is the smell.....OMG I cannot begin to describe to you how good it smells, the scent is so fruity and fresh almost as if you could spread it on a slice of toast and gobble it down. I wish it was something I could share through the internet but you'll just have to pop into a store and see for yourself because it is just divine. The scrub also comes in a raspberry scent which is just as amazing but that one was still full price and not included in the sale.

One other great thing about this product is that I find the gorgeous scent lingers on the skin for quite some time and I find I can still get a whiff of it on myself during the day. Over all I think its by far the best scrub in the body shop collection and it is something I will definitely be repurchasing even at full price!

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