Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday Family Fathers Day Funday!

Sunday family funday came with a little twist this week as it was also Fathers Day! In the morning Greig opened his gifts from the boys, he loved his new t-shirt and also from the lovely personalised card and new mug for his cup of tea. I was really impressed with the service from Moonpig when ordering these gifts and I think they look absolutely adorable! 

After breakfast we headed out for our planned Father's Day outing with Eli, my dad and Greigs dad leaving Wesley with his nanny because he was a little small for what we had planned. We drove an hour towards the coat down to a town called New Romney where we parked at the miniature steam railway station where we had planned to take the train all the way down to Dungeness beach for a fish and chip lunch.

At the station there were lots of little steam engines being displayed and demonstrated which Eli was a little unsure of at first, there was also a huge model train exhibition and a lovely play park for children....we could of spent all day just in that station! As soon as the train pulled into the station Eli's little eyes lit up and he looked amazed! He is a little obsessed with trains and Polar Express is his favourite film so I had no doubt that he was going to love our little ride down to the beach.

Dungeness is a weird and wonderful place, a large expanse of pebble beach and a very popular fishing destination it is a protected nature reserve due to its rare vegetation and unusual habitat. It has an erie feel to it as it is very desolate with the odd sporadicly situated house a light house, one pub and a large power station in the distance. It is a lovely peaceful place that hasn't changed in years it even feels like you've gone back in time when arriving there on steam train.

We headed to the one and only pub where we had a very tasty fish and chip lunch and then went for a walk to explore the beach. Eli loved running around on the pebbles or just sitting down and playing with all the stones, we watched the waves and even skimmed some stones he had a lovely time playing with both his Grandads!

We couldn't leave for our journey home without getting Eli a little toy train from the gift shop as a souvenir of his first (of many I'm sure!) trip on a steam train. We had such a lovely day and even though the sun didn't show its face the whole day it was lovely to spend some quality time with all the Dad's in our lives.

I hope you all had a lovely Father's Day. Thank you for reading.



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