Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Our Day At The Howletts Zoo In Pictures....

We wanted to take Wesley somewhere nice for his birthday but because we had been so busy we didn't end up going till today instead. We decided on Howletts Zoo in Canterbury when I found out I could exchange my Tesco's Clubcard points for 5 x the value in vouchers for lots of different days out across the country. In the end my £8 of Clubcard vouchers got us £40 off the zoo tickets meaning we only had to pay around £8 in entrance fees! 

We had such a lovely day the weather was beautifully sunny with a nice breeze to keep it cool, Eli had so much fun even though he got so tired we had to carry him some of the way around....It's a long walk for a two year old! He loved the monkeys and the 'emmets' (elephants) and even made a little monkey friend trying to hold his hand through the glass. We had a picnic of homemade tuna and broccoli pasta salad, chicken drum sticks and popcorn and even left with a couple of plastic animal figures from the gift shop for the boys which they are very attached to now. 

Sadly on arrival at the zoo I found that my macro zoom lens had broken so I couldn't get any great pictures of the animals like I had on previous visits but here is our day in pictures.....

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