Monday, 23 June 2014

Wesley's First Birthday Party!

This Sunday we threw Wesley a 1st birthday party at Nanny and Granddads house! Annoyingly our place at the moment is too small to hold large gatherings so we always have to 'borrow' somebodies house. Luckily Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful and scorching hot so we were able to have a garden party. You may have seen my previous post here where I spoke about the party prep including coordinating decorations and an overall theme I was sticking to. After much deliberation and toying with what would be most comfortable I settled on this outfit for Wesley, the shirt and shorts being from H&M and the bow tie from my favourite place for boys fashion accessories Charming Arthur! (Review can be read here)

Because we were able to have the party in the garden we set up all of Wesley's new toys outside including his tepee tent, side and tunnel this gave the boys and their little friend Rosa a nice area with lots of things to play with and some shade to keep out of the sun. We decorated the gazebo with vintage bunting and balloons and put together a create your own banner to hang across the shed, it looked so lovely a British summer garden party fit for a little gentleman.

We made tons of party food too including mini finger rolls with different fillings, sausage rolls, pasta, salad, trays of pizza and quiche and then for pudding homemade chocolate brownies and chocolate chip muffins, a platter of fruit with homegrown strawberries and cream. There were plenty of other nibbles as well of tons of soft drinks and a jug of pims and a couple of bottles of wine for the adults. We had just the right amount of food and it was extremely tasty I had tons of comments on how good my brownies were which I was very please about!

We aimed to get Wesley main birthday presents that both the boys could enjoy so Eli didn't feel too left out and the slide that Nanny and Granddad bought him was a bit hit!

Anyone who has kids will know that trying to host a party look after the children and prep the food doesn't leave much time or hands for taking photographs, once people arrived not many pictures were taken as I was too bloody busy! Eli had both sides of his family visit and bring lots of lovely presents for him which we are very thankful for! He loved chatting away with all the guests and toddling from person to person whilst Eli chased bubbles around the garden.

Not only did we have all our family there we also invited our next door neighbours who have a little girl Eli's age who he loves dearly, they got up to all sorts of mischief playing together. Also my best friend Claire came and helped us celebrate sporting a rather gorgeous baby bump with only 8 weeks left, I am very excited for her baby shower next weekend!

At the end of the party we did the cake which was this cute lion one that I picked up from Asda, Wesley was thoroughly unimpressed he was so tired and hot and wasn't very enthusiastic about even more cake! 

Overall the party was so lovely a huge success the weather was fantastic and everybody had a really good time. We are going to the zoo as a treat on Wednesday which should be really nice and I now also have a ton of thank you cards to write!

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