Monday, 30 June 2014

Another Weekly Wishlist!

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Yet another wish list leading up to my birthday next week, what can I say I just cant stop window shopping at the moment! 

Firstly I need to invest in a pair of quality jeans that fit me perfectly. I find it really difficult to get jeans that fit like a glove and at the moment I am in love with these two pairs from the high street. The first being a monochrome tile print pair of leigh jeans from Topshop....I loved the light blue version of these but wasn't sure if I could pull of such a light denim on my legs but these are a classic black and white that would go with anything and last through all seasons. The second pair are the ones I covet the most a pair of ripped knee Whistles jeans, now I wouldn't normally spend £95 on one pair of jeans but these are a wardrobe staple so if I get any birthday pennies these would be a possible contender for purchase.

Talking of Whistles which I have to say I am loving this shop at the moment, they have the loveliest little pastel coloured leather pouch/clutches. I'm really loving these little universal pouches right now....It could be a bag for a night out or it could hold make up there are so many possibilities!

Im pretty sure this Ciate nail polish collection has cropped up on many a wish list and I am still yet to get my hands (or nails!) on it. All I'm going to say is that this 'Beach house collection' of polishes contain the prettiest colours for summer nails! 

I am running so so low on all my skincare products right now and sometime after my birthday I am pretty sure you will be seeing a big haul on this blog! I have been loving trying out some Liz Earle skincare and they have a great value for money monthly skincare set deal which contains some products I would love to try out.

Perfume is always on my wish list...Im a sucker for their pretty bottles! I absolutely love all of the Marc Jacob's fragrances including Daisy, Eau So Fresh and Delight and this miniature refillable handbag sized bottle is just ridiculously adorable not to mention handy!

Lastly I am very impressed with Oasis summer collection right now all their bold floral prints are just gorgeous but what I'm really after is a midi skirt! This one from their Molly King collection is lovely and simple and I adore the nautical stripes which makes it look a little more casual then others I have seen, definitely need this in my wardrobe.

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