Monday, 2 June 2014

Sunday Family Funday.


This weekend was just the start of the craziness that will be the month of June. Our flat is now officially on the market and we had our first viewing on the Saturday. Viewings are stressful, especially when you have children! I spent the whole of saturday deep cleaning and making the place look tidy and uncluttered.....aka hiding as many toys as possible. I also have to send the boys off to one of their nannies as doing viewing whilst there here is just impossible!

Sunday we spent relaxing! It was a lovely sunny day so we took an early morning stroll around the park and across the river front. Eli finally faced his fear of the swings with his brother right by his side. Whilst Wesley took a nap in his pram Eli ran around on the grass picking flowers and noting all the big trees! The rest of the day we took it easy watching films, playing on the balcony whilst trying to do a load of online shopping for up and coming birthdays. June is going to be a ridiculously hectic month and I'm trying my best to get it organised, theres no doubt the next few weeks are going to be fun!

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