Sunday, 29 June 2014

Zara Combined Office City Bag Review & Whats In My Bag!

I recently placed a cheeky little Zara sale order purchasing a bag, coat and a pair of leggings for Wesley  but when it arrived the coat didn't suit me and the bag was damaged....not very successful! After returning and waiting for my replacement bag I finally received it (in tact this time) and It has had it's first 2 outings! I wanted to do a review but I thought I'd combine it with a 'Whats in my bag' post so you can get an idea of how much you can fit in it and what sort of uses it could have.

So here it is the beautiful Zara Combined Office City bag available here currently on sale for £29.99 which for the look and quality of this bag I thought was pretty darn good! As soon as I saw this in the sale I knew I had to have it, not only because it look so sophisticated but I also bought it with a particular purpose in mind. I am not a massive handbag collector I have including this one only 4 bags that are all in continual use, the first being my small CambridgeSatchelCompany satchel which I use for running errands on my own where I only take my purse and phone. The second my beautiful BlushBeLush leather shoulder bag which is slightly bigger which I use more for days out without the children and use a lot more in the winter months as it is black and lastly my large JuJuBe changing bag for both boys.

My problem has been that recently some days I find my changing bag is too large, now the boys are older I find I am carrying less and less for them and sometimes my eldest carries his own things in a little rucksack. I wanted something smaller then my changing bag yet still big enough to carry the basics for two children and still look stylish at the same time......Enter the Zara Combined Office City bag!!

Now onto the bag in question....this style bag came in two colour options I went for this black white and grey combination, the other had a lovely bright red accent colour but I thought this combination was more likely to go well with everything. I absolutely love the block contrasting colours on this bag I think it gives it a high quality sophisticated look, this bag is not leather but it doesn't look cheap and it is very well made. The hardware is a gold coloured metal which I prefer over silver and It comes with both handles to be carried and an adjustable shoulder strap long enough to wear across the body.

Earlier I had to quickly pop out with just Wesley so this is what I had packed for our short outing. The  feature that first drew me to this bag was the front pocket, the front white panel pocket houses a nifty removable black this has absolutely tons of uses! Firstly you could remove the pouch completely and just use the white pocket on its own which is big enough to slot a tablet in, you could also most probably fit a small tablet in the pouch for extra protection if you wished. The pouch could be used separately as a clutch bag for an evening out or a make up bag for travel but for me this is a great space to keep nappies and wipes in when out and about with the kids. 

Now for the main compartment that is reasonably spacious, because I was out with Wesley I took with me a jumper for him, sippy cup, a couple of toys as well as my large purse and diary. All this fit easily inside and is was not over packed at all, I even tested it and my DSLR can also fit in there with ease also.  
Inside the main compartment there are 3 small pockets the bottom one big enough to slot a phone into, the largest one I found fits my kindle perfectly and in the top one I carried with me some lippy and a mirror.

As you can see this bag can carry quite a bit and due to its boxy shape it would be great for files and books making it perfect for work or collage as it will easily fit A4 sized items inside. Overall I am so pleased with this bag it definitely suits my needs right now it is so versatile that I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of it. Here are a few pictures of how big it is up against the body and when carrying as it is quite a large handbag on a small framed person it may look a bit bulky so keep that in mind and I hope this is useful as reference!

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  2. Hi, can I ask you the depth and width of that bag? If you still have it.