Sunday, 8 June 2014

Our Saturday In Pictures.

Saturday was actually pretty perfect and turned out to be an amazing day! Our next door neighbour has a little girl only 6 months younger then Eli and we were lucky to be invited to her 2nd birthday party. Now I've got to say it was one of the best kids parties I've been to, there were 25 children plus adults and she went to such great efforts to make every little detail of the party perfect. It was in a local church hall and there was soft play, a bouncy castle, games, songs and tons of food and drink the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Eli used to be very shy and timid in situations like this, not knowing many children his own age he used to get very nervous around large groups especially in play areas where they is lots of noise and chaos. Because of this at the beginning of the year I enrolled him into a regular play session called Talking Tots, a play group that specifically aims to help a child's confidence, turn taking and sharing and listening skills. After going for over 6 months Eli is such a different child and I saw that dramatic difference on saturday, he no longer seems over whelmed by other children and plays nicely with great confidence. When we arrived he instantly ran off to play interacting with the other children whilst always being gentle and considerate, I could have left and he wouldn't have been noticed which is great for when he starts pre-school in september! 

After coming home with 2 thoroughly worn out boys who had the best time, I spent the afternoon cooking a whole bunch of homemade tapas for us to have for dinner. Recreating some of the dishes I had at a recent dinner at La Tasca as a special saturday night treat for the whole family. As an appetiser I dressed up a plain garlic tear and share bread with some roasted peppers, onion and courgette topped with mozzarella and balsamic drizzle and served it on a platter with some spanish cured meats and olives. For mains I made a chicken prawn and chorizo paella, patatas bravas, meatballs cooked in spicy tomato sauce and chorizo braised in red wine. It was all very tasty and a winner with the family, even though it took a lot of prep it was well worth it and would make a great dinner party meal! 

After eating and once the boys were asleep we had a lovely relaxing evening drinking wine and watching some boxing, I was a very tiring but lovely day so here are a few snaps I took:

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