Thursday, 26 June 2014

Teapigs Pick-A-Mix Box Review.

My other half is a huge tea drinker and whilst browsing the web for a luxury tea gift for his birthday I stumbled across the brand Teapigs. Teapigs provide a range of quality teas so many in fact that I decided to go for the pick-a-mix box as I couldn't decide on which type to go for.

The pick-a-mix box allows you to choose 12 different tea's to make up the box each one containing two teabags for a cost of £15 plus delivery which can be found here. Firstly what a perfect gift for a tea lover? It was exactly what I was looking for! Also the mix of classic and unusual tea flavours to choose from makes this product extra special. I will go into the different flavours in a second but first I have to just appreciate the great packaging Teapigs tea come in. Each tea bag duo comes in a small cardboard box detailing the flavour and a recommended way to brew and take the tea and the tea bags themselves are quality fabric pyramids that wont tear and ruin your cuppa.

The tea itself contains whole ingredients none of that crappy dust you get in regular tea, In the green tea you can see actual leafs, the chai tea has cardamon pods and the chocolate tea little pieces of chocolate!

......Yes I did actually say chocolate tea! Here are just a few of the flavours that I really enjoyed:

Chocolate Tea: It might sound strange but it really works! A regular everyday brew flavour but with the smallest hint of chocolate really enhances this cuppa. Like having your tea and chocolate biscuit all in one drink, a great afternoon treat.

Everyday Brew: One of the best tea's I've tried! Its a strong no nonsense builders tea but it tastes so much fresher and cleaner then your regular supermarket tea. This is where you can taste how much difference having whole ingredients makes in your tea bag!

Popcorn Tea: Another crazy sounding one but what a unique taste! Its a green tea but with added toasted rice to give that nutty popcorn flavour and it really does taste of popcorn! Great for people who want the benefits of green tea but are not too keen on the taste.

Superfruit Tea: I always find berry teas smell lovely but taste of nothing but hot water, this however is totally different! Having actual dried fruit infusing in the bag means this tea actually does taste fruity and slightly sweet so no need to ruin it with yucky sugar.   

Another nice touch was these two free samples included in the box, a sample of a tea I hadn't included in my pick-a-mix and a small sample sachet of manuka honey which is the perfect accompaniment to the tea when you are fancying a little of something sweet without adding sugar.  

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this gift and every tea I tried I will definitely be placing subsequent orders with Teapigs in the future!

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