Monday, 2 June 2014

Decorating Decisions - Kids Room Edition!

Everyone knows the fun part of moving house is the decorating! We are going from a 2 bedroom flat to a 3 bedroom house so there are quite a few bits we need to buy. Theres the obviously boring things like curtains and curtain polls, lawn mower, washing line....etc but the bit I am most looking forward to is decorating and arranging the kids bedrooms! Now they will have a bedroom each, Eli will be able to have a slightly more grown up bedroom and a space to escape away from his pesky little brother. When trying to visualise how I want the bedrooms to be I find it really helpful to make little photo collages to see how certain items will go here is what I am considering at the moment.

When we move we are going to buy Eli a big boy bed as he is currently still in a cot. We have decided on this white one from ikea as it extends from a toddler bed to a single size. Because he is getting a new bed he will need new bedding to fit....and this is where my problem lies!! I find it very difficult to find kids bedding I like, I want something stylish and sophisticated something thats going to last and that he is not going to grow out of / get board of quickly and all I can find is really garish babyish themed bedding! Annoyingly I found my perfect one and now it is out of stock so whilst hunting around again I found these two. 

In the top picture is a bedding set by Sheridon at Debenhams which is stripy one side and glow in the dark robots on the other. I love the mix of yellow grey and blue colours and have found a grey light shade and blanket that matches from Mama's & Papa's. The toy/book box and the coat stand we already have as well as a white wardrobe and shelving unit. 

The bottom picture shows a different bedding set this time from the Mama's & Papa's Paternology range which comes with a coordinating blanket. I love the bright geometric shapes and will make the room a lot more colourful then the first.....I really cant choose which one I prefer! I also think the teal light shade from Mama's and Papa's goes nicely with this bedding instead of the grey. 

Wesleys room is almost all sorted, we have bought him this new bedding and light shade for his birthday in a couple of weeks and also this play tent. Again the book box we already have as well as a changing unit and a built in wardrobe, but this time I cant decide on which wallpaper to get for a feature wall in his room. The two options are above and even though the cream with multi coloured vehicles goes better with the bedding, I really love the red and blue one with the illustrated city! 

Don't even get me started on curtains.....I think thats the hardest part! I cant wait to show you it all once it's finished, full room tours will be blogged when we finally move!


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