Friday, 20 June 2014

Wesley's First Birthday!

Oh my god can you believe that my little ginger nutter has been in the world for a whole year!! This time last year I was having mild irregular contractions that turned into a mad dash to the hospital when they all of a sudden became 3 minutes apart and painful! The maternity ward didn't have a room ready for us and I could have easily and almost did give birth in the corridor as after being very quickly examined I was already fully dilated! This past year has definitely been such a whirlwind but an amazing one!

So late last night whilst the boys were fast asleep we set up Wesley's birthday present in the living room this lovely canvas tepee in new England blue and white looks like something from the sea side. We filled it with his smaller presents and a few balloons for him to open and explore in the morning and boy you should have seen the delight on his face when he saw what was waiting for him. He headed straight in there with a huge grin on his face and made a beeline right for the balloons!    

To go with his main present (the tepee) we bought him a few books wooden puzzles and clothes which he enjoyed ripping the paper off of, although like a typical child the wrapping paper was just as fun as the actual gifts.

After all the presents were opened I whipped up a pancake breakfast for us all smeared with strawberry sauce made from granddads homegrown strawberries! Wesley devoured his breakfast which he absolutely loved which I am very glad about because pancakes are also my favourite! 

The rest of the day was spent playing, both boys had such a wonderful day exploring their new den and playing with all Wesley's new toys. They are at such a lovely age right now where they are both able to share nicely and play together and Eli loves his brother so much giving him lots of cuddles and kisses constantly saying 'Wes birthday!'.

Even though Wesley wore himself out and was so tired bless him he still managed to show of a bit of his walking skills and also have his first taste of chocolate which obviously had to be a little Milky Bar! The day was full of firsts he also had his first taste of chocolate birthday cake and you should have seen him lick the bowl clean.

We had a lot of visitors from family throughout the day that spoilt Wesley with loads of lovely gifts but thats for another blog post as he has tons more to come on the day of his birthday party which is Sunday but so far a favourite has to be this lovely personalised pillow which is just beautiful. I have a ton of baking and cooking to do in preparation tomorrow so expect lots of pictures of yummy food coming soon.

Thank you for everyone who wished Wesley a happy birthday, he has such a great day.


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