Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Top 3 Hand Creams!

It feels like over the past few years I have tried a lot of hand creams! Due to my other half's job he suffers from very dry and chapped hands so I'm forever buying different creams in search of the best one. Also birch box annoyingly always seems to have a sample sized hand cream in almost every box so tend to build up a bit of a collection. Here are a few that I love and recommend:

The good all-rounder

I received the Soap & Glory Hand Food in a large set I bought around christmas time and used it quite a bit over the winter months when your hands need a bit of help in the moisture department. I find it has a pleasant but not overpowering scent, it absorbs into your skin quickly and keeps them nice and soft throughout the day. At only £5 for 125ml this product is good value for money and also comes in a handy handbag sized miniature which is great for traveling.

The smells good enough to eat

The Rhubarb & Rose hand cream by Molton Brown came in my last months Birch Box where my first impressions were...MEH not another hand cream sample!!! But as soon as I used it I realised how divine the scent was, a sweet sugary rhubarb waft of nostalgia that reminds me so much of the rhubarb and custard penny sweets I used to buy from the corner shop as a child. Not only does it smell heavenly, the formula is so buttery it keeps your hands super hydrated all day long without feeling sticky. The down side of such a sickly sweet smelling cream is that it tends to only appeal to women, I know my partner refuses to try because of the strong sweet smell. This product is double the price at £10 for only 40ml but it really does feel and smell luxurious. 

The problem solver     

As I mentioned the Mr suffers from really chapped hands from working outdoors and climbing all day....he is a tree surgeon by the way. When on the search for a cream to soothe his sore hands and cracking of the skin we stumbled across the Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop. Not only does this cream have a very strong musky smell which I can only describe as very masculine it is absolutely amazing! A little really does go a long way and with everyday use the results are very dramatic, instead of just moisturising it actually protects the hands from damage from cold weather and friction. This really is a miracle product and I would recommend it to anyone who works outside or does any sort of manual labor. It costs just £5 for 30ml but The Body Shop online from time to time do offers where you can get money off, once I only paid £3 a tube.   

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