Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Chocolate Free Easter Gift Guide.

So those with children will know the feeling of dread as easter approaches, a whole holiday dedicated to advertising everything that is chocolate to kids. What used to be a religious celebration is now a consumerist nightmare. Everywhere you look all you see for weeks on end is floor to ceiling chocolate egg displays in almost every shop, and keeping your children away from it is near impossible.

Knowing that every family member will buy Eli a chocolate egg and Wesley thank god is too young for chocolate I thought Id put together a little chocolate free gift guide and after doing a bit of research found lots of lovely little gifts you might not think of.

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Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen.

When thinking of unique and unusual gifts the first place I always check out is notonthehighstreet.com in fact I was so blown away by their range over half of my offerings seem to be from there! Anything that revolves around bunnies, ducks or chicks make great easter gifts....bunny knitted mittens, duck head towel, or a rabbit soft toy are just some cute ideas that don't contain a ton of sugar! A lovely easter present for a young baby could be this rabbit shaped wooden teether or for a little girl this adorable gold plated bunny pendant. Craft sets will no doubt appeal to children of all ages and genders like this personalised colouring sheet or finger puppets kit.

This rabbit money box would make a great keepsake for a babies first easter or a baking set for a toddler with a keen interest in cooking I know Eli would definitely love this! There will be many easter themed clothes and books hitting the shops soon or if you were after something a little bit different how about a grow your own sunflowers kit or some little rabbit egg cups and treat yourself to a nice dippy egg this easter instead of a chocolate one!

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