Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner Review.

So I have sworn by Aussie 3 minute miracle for the past 8 months, my hair was really dry and damaged from colouring and this was the only product that would keep it manageable and soft. I am always on the search for even better products and after trying a sample sachet of macadamia hair mask which was just fantastic, when i stumbled across this conditioner in boots I thought it would produce a similar great result. 

So after using my usual Aussie miracle moist shampoo I gave it a whirl. When applying it I noticed I seemed to have to use a lot of product to cover the ends of my hair and was thinner in consistency then the 3 minute miracle. Once washed off my the ends of my hair did seem to feel soft but once my hair had way dry it left my hair with a very unpleasant texture. It was dry and very straw like and no where near as soft as when using 3 minute miracle, as well as that it was very frizzy and difficult to manage. 

Overall I really didn't rate it and felt very uncomfortable with how my hair felt after using it and for £6.99 a bottle which is more then Aussie i was extremely disappointed. I have the same brand of conditioner just in the Argan oil version which i have yet to try so watch out for another review and comparison! 

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