Saturday, 8 March 2014

Loulouloves Reviews Lulu Loves.

So anyone with a Birch Box subscription will already know that March's box is a collaboration with British designer Lulu Guinness. I was quite excited to hear this and have been eagerly waiting its arrival although I may have spied some spoilers on the blogging sphere. Im a big fan of Lulu Guinness's designs and I wish I could afford one of her iconic handbags! So here are my first impressions of the box and what goodies it holds:

Firstly although the box's design is a bit more jazzy then usual here is where my first disappointment lies. The beautiful candy striping and Lulu Guinness logo is just a card sleeve which covers the regular plain birch box, I was really hoping that the design of the actual box had been Lulu Guinness inspired as I like to keep them and use them for storage in my bathroom. But never mind!

Ok so when opening the box there were two extra little vouchers one which got me extremely excited. Firstly there was a £20 a £100 spend on Lulu Guinness....great if your willing to shell out a few hundred pound but the second voucher was to try the new Benefit 'Gimme Brow' eyebrow mascara. Recently I had seen some reviews on this product and they all seemed to sing its praises, I had been wanting to try it but reluctant because i have quite fair eyebrows. Now I can give it a go without having to worry that the product is too dark for me and waisting thanks birch box!

So here is the menu of goodies! Instantly the Benefit product jumped out at me as it is a very well known brand that I really like so thats great and also Dr. Brant a very high end brand that I have tried before and found amazing!!

A good sized sample of Benefits 'Stay Don't Stray' eye primer is probably my favourite of the box. Im new to eye primers so this is a good place to start without having to fork out any dosh!

I am really excited to try the Dr. Brant 'pores no more' I previously had a sample of their 'micro dermabrasion exfoliator' which was amazing so I'd quite like to see how this stands up to my most loved primer Benefits Porefessional.

The other bits I could really take or leave, a Molton Brown hand cream....I seem to get a hand cream sample every bloody week! Nothing special just a great size for your handbag. Also a perfume sample which you can get free at counters so again nothing special. An Aroma Works Body oil which is quite pricey so could be good I'm just not a fan of body oils and I still have one sat in my bathroom from last months box.

And the lifestyle extra a Lulu Guinness stick of rock which again is just not something Im a fan of.

So 2/6 products on my first impressions are my kind of thing so as a whole a little disappointing but then again maybe ill change my mind once trying a few of them out.

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  1. Pores no more is 100x better than the benefit version! and much nicer on the skin x

    1. I used it today and I've got to say it really does leave you with a flawless finish I wish I could afford a full sized tube! x