Thursday, 20 March 2014

Battle Of The Primers - A Mini Review.

I am reasonably new to primers partly because I didn't quite understand if the effort outweighed the benefit! Did it make that much of a difference for me to spend time and money on priming my face? Well after finding the right product for me the answer was a big HELL YES! I am now going through the same quandary with eyeshadow primers but I will discuss that in another post. 

I have only ever tired 3 primers as you can tell from the picture one was such a huge hit which sort of revolutionised my make up routine (That might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration) I wonder if you can guess what one!? I though I'd give my opinions on the 3 primers I have tried and feel free to recommend any others you think might win me over. Im going to start in order of which I tried them:

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

This was my first ever priming experience mainly because I received this mini sample tube in one of my first every Birch Boxes. I started using it and stopped after about a week because I couldn't see any visible difference, It did not dramatically change the look of my base nor make it last any longer. I've never read any reviews on this primer either so I do not know whether its just me or that its a general opinion but its quite a high end primer and I know I would not repurchase this. 

Benefit The Porefessional Pro Balm. 

Before trying this I had heard a ton of amazing reviews about it all over the blogging sphere so when again it popped up as a sample in a Birch Box I was delighted I was able to try it out and see what all the fuss was about. Its safe to say I was instantly amazed! In comparison to the Laura Mercier primer which was just not worth the bother (or money!) I could see the results of using this instantly. The texture of the primer was completely different somewhat silky it glides onto the skin sinking in immediately leaving an ultra smooth finish. It made my foundation apply so much more evenly giving a perfect airbrushed finish and no sign of pores or oiliness. I loved it so much before I had even finished the sample tube I went out and bought a full sized as I knew I couldn't be without this. Yes is is quite pricey at £24 a tube but a little goes a very long way so a tube will last you forever and the results are definitely worth the money.     

Dr Brandt Pores No More. 

Yet another Birch Box discovery this is the most expensive primer I have ever seen at £39 for a full sized tube I can safely say no matter what the results I could never justify spending that amount of money on a primer. This very high end product was the first primer I have seen to state that it can be applied not only before make up but on top of make up though out the day to mattify any oiliness which is very handy indeed. The texture of the product is somewhat similar to the Porefessional primer but seems to apply even easier and so so silky soft it instantly sinks into the skin leaving a silky smooth but matt finish. The results were just as good if not better then the Porefessional giving a perfect finish to your foundation and making it last all day long. Even though this maybe slightly better then Porefessional not enough to warrant the huge spike in price unless money was no option....haha I wish! 

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