Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Family Fun Day.

The day started off well, a lazy sunday morning where both boys join us in bed for cuddles and giggles.  This was followed by a homemade pancake brunch of bacon pancake dippers (recipe post to follow!) and warm golden syrup....a naughty but yummy weekend treat.

We planned to take the boys out for the day to a local heritage farm as Eli had been cooped up all week with the chicken pox but now that he is no longer contagious. Wesley had other plans!!! Halfway to the farm i had remembered Wesley rummaging and pulling a load of things out my bag when we were back home, I quickly checked my bag and guess purse was no where to be seen!

Having no money for the farm we opted for the free local park, it has a lake, ducks and a large playground so there was plenty to keep Eli amused for a few hours. He ran, we chased, he counted ducks and smiled at every dog we walked past. He found his favourite slide and went down it 20 times in a row.

Even though our plans had been foiled by the little ginger one, we still had a great time. Once home the boys slept and we watched films and drank tea to warm us up from being out in the chilly air.

Sundays are always my favourite.


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