Saturday, 1 March 2014

Pancake Day.

With pancake day approaching I've found myself searching Pinterest for inspiration. I like to spread pancake day out over several days as there are quite a few recipe's/combinations I like to experiment with and doing it all in one day is a little over indulgent.

Tonight I am shopping for supplies so from now until Tuesday everyday will have a unique take on the pancake and I'm sure ill be sick of them by the time the day comes and in a sugar induced coma! Here are a few recipes i intend to make for the family all discovered on Pinterest:

The Breakfast Pancake:

Crispy rashers of streaky bacon covered in pancake batter to form a sort of dipper with warm maple syrup on the side. This is the ideal pancake day breakfast, in fact it might even be my sunday morning breakfast! What a great way to share food with the family. 

The Fruity Pancake Picnic:

What a perfect picnic feast, mini fluffy pancakes, thick natural yogurt and a rainbow platter of fruit. Not only for pancake day this would be great to take outside on a warm summers day and a great way of combining lots of fruit into this naughty snack and its DIY nature should really appeal to children. 

Turn it into an afternoon pancake tea by layering the pancakes and fruit into a cake formation served with a pot of tea.....either way this will definitely be a winner for the whole family. 

The Pancake Pudding:

Turn your pancakes into a luxury dessert by spreading them with mascapone cheese and fresh strawberries with homemade strawberry syrup pored on top. This looks so yummy and very indulgent a real treat, for adults serve with Pims and lemonade or strawberry lemonade for children. This dish is an ideal dessert for a pancake day dinner party with friends.

The Classic Combination:

Fluffy American style pancakes with a blueberry compote is a classic you cant go wrong with or what about the classic english pancake with lemon and sugar, french crêpes with a spread of Nutella and some sliced bananas......The choice is endless!

Whats your favourite combination? Thanks for reading!


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