Monday, 10 March 2014

Organix Argan Oil Conditioner Review.

You may have read my review on the Organix macadamia oil conditioner here its safe to say that I wasn't that impressed but I said I would compare it to their Argan oil conditioner after mistakenly buying it instead of the shampoo.

Im happy to say that this one is completely different to the macadamia oil conditioner. Again when comparing it to the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner that I had been previously using the product seemed more similar in thickness unlike the macadamia oil conditioner where I seemed to have to use a lot more product.

When washing it off i could instantly feel it felt a lot softer then when using the macadamia oil conditioner, I left it to dry naturally and after brushing it was extremely soft and not at all frizzy! Also I didn't feel the need to wash my hair on day 2 either because it was still soft, manageable and not greasy. I feel that this conditioner is extremely similar to Aussie 3 minute miracle but I wouldn't say it was necessarily better especially when Orangix conditioners are £6.99 a bottle where as Aussie conditioners are only £4.99.

My conclusion is unexpected as I always thought that macadamia oil worked better then argan oil but the Organix argan oil conditioner in my opinion is definitely superior!!

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