Monday, 10 March 2014

Sunny Sunday Family Fun Day.

Sorry for the late post my littlest has been super poorly with the most horrendous case of chicken pox, so lots of mummy cuddles and consoling have been necessary the past few days.

Yesterday was such a gloriously sunny day, apparently where I live was the hottest place in the country wracking up a temperature of 20 degrees! It was a shame we couldn't make more of the early summer weather with Wesley being so unwell and contagious we were limited to enjoying the sun in the garden.

In the morning we cleaned the balcony of old dead plants and rubbish, gave the table a clean and sat out there drinking tea and eating breakfast. After lunch we put Wesley in his pram in the hope that the motion would help him to sleep and headed out to the garden with a football. Eli ran around till he was red in the face playing ball, chasing the dog and picking daisies in the grass. The sun has done wonders for my skin, its been so good that today I'm not wearing foundation which is always a bonus!

The smell of 5 spiced garlic and soy sticky chicken coming from my slowcooker filled the house all day. The chicken shredded with vegetables and noodles it made a really delicious dinner a little different to the typical Sunday chicken roast.

Lets hope we can enjoy next sunday a little more, I cant wait to be rid of these awful chicken pox that have been tormenting my children. Its heartbreaking seeing a child so poorly and not being able to do much to help.

Thank you for reading.


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