Saturday, 1 March 2014

Milestones and Memories - a weekly update.


So at 2 years 5 months he is chattering non stop now and picking up works so quickly! He has learnt the whole alphabet and can tell me words each letter starts with, he has also learned to count to 10 after a stint of constantly missing out the number 9 he has finally has it perfect. Now he knows his numbers we have been working on counting things, the number of stairs we walk down to the number of birds in a picture. He has recently started to sing the alphabet copying one of his Vtech toys although he gets a bit lost after the letter 'E'. He also loves to sing nursery rhymes right now although deciphering them is quite amusing as he makes up him own words a lot of the time.

His main obsession right now is trains and buses....well any vehicle really but mainly trains. He has a Duplo train that he plays with all day long, always wants to watch Polar Express all the time and runs around the house yelling 'choo choo!'

He dealt with his recent bought of chicken pox like a true champ, hardly any fuss even though he was feeling poorly. If you know my son has never had any food or sleep issues....he eats 3 meals a day plus snacks and plenty of fruit and vegetables and sleeps 7pm till at least 7am every night.

We had a little taster of spring weather this week so we made the most of it and spent a lot of time in the garden playing games, Eli absolutely loves being outdoors and I think he is just as excited as I am for spring to commence.  


Wes at 8 months old is hitting milestone after milestone right now! Within a week he has started pulling himself up on furniture standing without any assistance, this was quickly followed by cruising along furniture to get to things he wanted. He can crawl faster then I can run after him and he is so persistent if he wants something, like the dogs water bowl for instance I spend all my day pulling him away from it.

He finally has a tooth through which had made eating so much easier for him, he also as another almost broken through! We have been practicing a lot more baby led weaning and purees have taken a backseat this week, his favourite things to chomp on are banana's, blueberries, cheese and pasta!
This week he has been bathed separately to his brother to reduce the spread of chicken pox and during this time he has really developed an absolute love for playing in the water, splashing around and attempting to 'swim'.

But by far the biggest achievement this week has been his sleep. He has always been the worst sleeper and after a particularly bad stint we decided for mostly our sanity to move him out of our room. Temporarily we have put Eli in our room because he is a really good and heavy sleeper and Wesley in Eli's room to see if being in his own room will help him sleep better. It was the BEST decision we ever made Wesley now only wakes up once a night and a few days ago for the first time in 8 months has slept through the night!

I cant begin to describe how much better I feel for it. I function so much better during the day, i actually have energy!!! I get stuff done and I'm efficient, I can bake, play, clean and not struggle just to get dressed in the morning. I am so happy now.

Thanks for reading!


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