Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Current Evening Skincare Routine.

I thought I'd share with you my currant evening skin care routine, featuring some products I love and some I cant wait to get to the bottom of so I can replace. My skin has been really great at the moment and I think it is a mixture of finding a good routine and getting some well needed sunshine.

I have a bath every single evening, I love baths....when you have children bath time is the best. It is a time where you can relax because the kids are in bed and you can enjoy the peace and quiet and some well deserved 'me time'. I like to light some candles, catch up with Bloglovin or read a book as well as cleaning my body to an inch of its life.

Before I even get in the bath I quickly wipe of the majority of my make up with a baby wipe and before you tell me i know how bad that is! I promise I will buy some proper make up remover soon. The first step in my skincare routine once I'm in the bath is to apply a layer of Clinique Take The Day Off balm all over my face and massage it in. I allow it to sink in for a minute or so then wash it off with a cloth, this takes any left over make up and dirty off my face and leaves me feeling really fresh and moisturised. This by far is the best cleanser I have ever used and is a permanent fixture in my routine.

Secondly I use a mild facial soap by Clinque just to make sure my face is completely clean and to remove any of the cleansing balm that might be left. I also use this face soap in the morning just to freshen my face when I wake up. I then exfoliate using St Ives Apricot Scrub for sensitive skin, I am almost at the bottom of this tube and I don't think I'll be replacing it. Its an Ok scrub but I find it slightly too abrasive and drying I much prefer the Clinique 7 Day Scrub which I had been using previously where the exfoliant was a lot finer.

After exfoliating I have been using this Soap & Glory Deep Purifying Cleanser this product is extremely soothing but it is another product I'm not sure I'll replace. Once out the bath I apply some Its Potent eye cream by Benefit under my eyes which I've found extremely effective at reducing dark circles. Lastly the cream I use over night is the Clinique Dramatically different + moisturiser which without fail always leaves my skin beautifully soft in the morning.

My routine is no where near perfect, I will soon be investing in the Garnier 3 in 1 eye make up remover and cleansing water to replace the awful baby wipe. An exfoliating toner is also on my list to replace my St Ives exfoliator and I would also like to try other soothing cream/milk cleansers.  

I would love to here about any products you guys would recommend. Thank you for reading!


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