Monday, 17 March 2014

To-Do and To-Go Summer 2014

After having such a lovely day on Saturday I thought Id come up with an activity list of things Id like to do and places Id like to go this summer, whether it be family days out, day trips or events....hopefully writing a list like this will inspire me to never waste a day!

  1. Eat in a Michelin star restaurant. This is something I have always wanted to experience, we are big foodies in our house....we like good food and we are quite critical. This would make a nice treat and a great date night for me and Greig. The nearest ones to us are in Faversham, Ramsgate and Ashford.
  2. Take the kids to the zoo. We try and do this yearly anyway but currently Eli is obsessed with Penguins so finding one where he can see some will be my next challenge. 
  3. Ride the Romney steam train all the way to dungeness. Eli loves trains so taking him for a ride on the local miniature steam train is a must this summer, visiting all the little seaside towns and getting off for ice cream and fish and chips!
  4. A day out in Brighton....with and without the boys. Without for shopping the beautiful lanes, catching some cabaret or live comedy and exploring the Brighton Pavilion and with the children taking them to the aquarium, the beach and pier!
  5. Have an afternoon tea for two! I've been researching this a lot recently and there are a few that caught my eye. Locally there is the Row Hill Grange hotel or for a more upmarket treat, the 'confessions of a chocoholic' afternoon tea at the Mayfair London, or at the Covent Garden Hotel. 
  6. Go to a gig. We used to love a bit of live music but since having children it is something we haven't managed to keep up with. Id love to go to a nice intimate gig something acoustic or an ideal world Id love to see Mumford and Sons!
  7. Have many picnics! Im not talking supermarket premade snacks....I mean homemade goodies such as sausage rolls, pasta salad, quiche and muffins. Our favourite picnic destinations are Moat Park Maidstone or Knowle Park Sevenoaks. 
  8. Visit the local landmarks. This could include Hever Castle, Leeds Castle or kent life heritage farm.... make the most of local attractions!  
  9. Day trip to Paris! Paris is my absolute favourite destination I love everything about it. Seeing as though the Eurostar is right on our doorstep I think would should definitely start planning out third trip. 
  10. Be a London tourist. There is so much to do in London you could never get bored and there are so many things I still haven't seen even after dozens of trips over the years. Dinner up the Shard, visiting the tower of London, catching an exhibition, a Thames river cruise....the list is endless.
  11. Go strawberry picking. We are lucky that the boys Grandad keeps a rather large allotment, so we get our own private strawberry picking venue and can come home with tubs overflowing with those little red gems. 

Im sure there is so much more that I can add to this list but at least its a start. This summer we will make lots of memories and never ever be bored.

Thank you for reading!


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