Friday, 21 March 2014

Life Lately - A Little Fish Update

Sometimes I sit back and I just watch, I don't think I do this enough as theres always washing to be done, food to be made and toys to be tidied. Taking the time to just watch and notice the little things is so important.....realising how grown up Eli is becoming, how much imagination he has, how much love Wesley has for his brother and how their relationship is blossoming beautifully. 

The little interactions between these two little fishes are so heartwarming, they constantly make each other laugh my house is always full of giggles. Wesley copies everything Eli does and follows him everywhere and Eli gives him the biggest cuddles. 

Wesley is getting more and more confident on his feet, he crawls faster then I can run after him and he is always on it, in it, up it! He has a fierce curiosity and determination and the fiery personality that reflects his beautiful bright red hair. The facts are he now has 2 teeth through and 2 that have just cut the gums, he can clap and wave, say muma and dadda, cruise along furniture and pull himself up on anything. 

Eli's speech and understanding has soared through the roof recently. He loves practicing his whole alphabet and counting 1-10, he knows all the basic colours and some shapes, he recently developed a love for vehicles he even knows the word 'bulldozer' haha. He calls his brother baby Wes and he loves singing nursery rhymes of cartoon themes. He's such a joy to be around and I always get loads of lovely compliments on his behaviour when we are out and about.

We are still no closer to potty training but I do not want to force it. He will let me know when he is ready.

I just feel so incredibly lucky at the moment to have two such wonderful little boys and I am looking forward to all the milestones and family outings to come over the summer. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that there is so much that can wait the house doesn't need to be perfect and time doesn't wait for anyone....enjoy every little moment before it is gone. 

Thank you for reading.


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