Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What My Wardrobe Needs!

I've been having a look through my wardrobe trying to piece together what its lacking so that when I'm clothes shopping I stop buying the same things that I have tons of. Im also trying to create a more of a capsule wardrobe were each item is versatile and can be worn several different ways as I seem to have a lot of nice pieces that I don't have anything to wear with! So here are things I am looking for:

Basics: Plain tops in various styles | A cropped sweatshirt | Pretty pastel colours | 
Boxy logo or printed T-shirts | Floaty midi skirts | A statement blazer | A versatile summer dress | Floral prints.

Plain basic tops are so essential especially to pair with more bold statement pieces such as a pencil skirt in a bright print which I currently have nothing to wear it with! Cropped T-shirts are great to wear with anything high waisted like my high waisted shorts or leather skirt and a cropped sweatshirt is handy to have when it is a little chilly and can be thrown over practically anything. My wardrobe is currently very monochrome and I need an injection of pretty pastel colours and floral prints to spruce it up ready for spring summer. I love how feminine a floaty midi skirt makes you look and is the perfect length for spring its definitely something my wardrobe needs. A lightweight blazer in a bold colour would make a great statement piece that will liven up any monochrome outfit and can make any casual outfit look a little more sophisticated. A quality summer dress that can be dressed up or down is also something I don't have maybe in a pretty print which can be paired with a denim jacket and brogues during the day and heels and some statement jewellery for the evening.

Above are just a few items that caught my eye all from New Look and H&M both stores have a really impressive and affordable spring/summer range go check it out! 

Thank you for reading.


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