Friday, 4 April 2014

Moving House.

A few months ago we became aware of a house that was coming up for rent, a house we had our eye on for a while. This house just happens to be right next door to my inlaws....some might call us crazy....I call it handy! I get on so well with my inlaws and the boys would love living next door to the grandparents not to mention its a great area with a really good primary school. The house needs a lot of renovating so we have been waiting to hear when it will be ready to move into, the man who owns is a friend of my inlaws so we are first on the list and he is even nice enough to let us make some of the renovating decisions. So currently I am surrounded with carpet and flooring samples and kitchen designs, we are very lucky that the house is going to have a whole new central heating system, new bathroom and kitchen, all new carpets and flooring and all new windows!

I am so excited to finally move into a house! We have been in our flat now for 3 years and we have just ordered our resale pack and made the first steps into selling our shares ready to move into our house in June. I cant wait for the boys to have their own bedrooms, to have more living space and to have a garden of our own thats not down 2 flights of stairs! Don't get me wrong moving is going to be so stressful and so is the selling process but it will all be worth it in the end.

We have all our own furniture but I still have a list of things we need to buy and have been doing a shit ton of window shopping! The main things we are going to need are 2 more curtain polls and 2 sets of curtains, more living room storage, another rug and some shoe/coat storage for the porch. I already have a new table and chairs that is waiting to be used and is currently in storage in my mum and dads garage, it is so beautiful and I will definitely need a table cloth and place mats to protect it. When we move I would like to use that opportunity to get Eli sleeping in a toddler bed so need to buy on of those and possibly some more toy storage. 

Like I said I've been doing so much window shopping I tend to gravitate towards Ikea for furniture because its modern and affordable but I do like to pick up the occasional refurbished shabby chic pieces. For home furnishings I LOVE Next, their stuff is absolutely beautiful I do tend to check out cheaper shops first as Next stuff is always a little pricey but most of the time I wait for their sales as you can always pick up some bargains. 

Above is my current Next home furnishings wishlist! Little things that make a house look really homely like cushions, wall art, candles and crockery. You can find all these lovely items here

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