Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wants, Needs, Wears, Reads.

When you have children its so easy to go overboard at birthdays and Christmas and other times you might struggle with gift ideas especially when it seems they already have everything and stuff is taking over your house. I find this simple method really helpful...You buy something the want, something they need, something to wear and something to read and ideally only one thing from each category. 

As Wesley's first birthday is coming up I thought I'd share with you some Ideas I have for his presents, I like to start buying early and stash it away with plenty of time. 

Something he wants: Obviously he is only 1 so this category tends to just be a general toy category and usually houses the main present. For Wesley we really want to get him a larger toy as by then we should have moved and have a lot more space, in previous years toys had to be small as we were limited with space. We were thinking either a slide for the garden, a work bench station or a tipi play tent all of which the boys can share.  

Something he needs: Part of turning one means that they can now use a duvet so something he needs will be new bedding. Some fresh clean sheets, a pillow and a duvet is on his birthday list especially as we would have just moved and will be decorating his bedroom. 

Something to wear: Shoes! Around this time a 1 year old should be learning to walk and theres nothing as important as a good pair of first shoes. Clarks is always comes to mind as he will need his feet measured but I'm also a sucker for baby converse and vans!

Something to read: Every child should have a ton of books, books are so so important especially at this age were learning is key. First words, flaps, touch and feel and sound books are best at engaging their attention and senses and you cant beat a good bedtime story book also.  

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