Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Accessorize Spotlight - All The Bags!

This is mainly an Accessorize appreciation post, I have never done a spotlight post on just one shop or brand before but I really felt that the spring/summer collection of handbags from Accessorize really deserved a shout out.

When browsing their pastel collection feature of handbags last night I found myself drooling over pretty much most of them. These are just a few that if it was acceptable to buy all of them at once I definitely would! If you are not confident at wearing the pastels trend this season this is a perfect way to add a little bit of the spring colour to your outfits. My favourite being the bright coral 'Hillary compartment bag' which has been firmly placed on my birthday wishlist since I spotted it at the beginning of March. It is the perfect medium sized shoulder bag and is a great statement piece the colour is just beautiful and so summery. I love one bag so much that I would actually consider buying it in both colours it comes in and also a couple of pastel clutches would be perfect for evening out. Lastly this pretty little lemon yellow clip top purse at only £12 is a great budget buy if you cant justify buying yet another handbag!

So lets see how long I last before at least one of these is mine! Well done Accessorize this collection is just perfect and you can find all these bags here.       

Thank you for reading.


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