Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunday Family Funday.

Sunday was glorious!! You couldn't ask for a better spring day, the skies were blue and it was beautifully warm and sunny which of course meant a trip to our favourite park was in order. At 20 minute drive to Moat Park Maidstone with a quick stop off at the garage for some picnic nibbles, I'm glad we got there before lunch time as it was already heaving.

We walked round the picturesque lake, Eli ran and we chased, we played football and ate out picnic under a shaded tree, we spotted ducks and swans and played fetch with the pup. For the first time since Wesley was born I was a mean mummy and dressed the boys the same, both in their cute camper van print shirts and trousers with braces from Next. I was so shocked that Wesleys 12-18 outfit fit him perfectly at 9 months old, he is such a tall boy he grows out of his clothes way too quickly!

As we were in such a lovely setting I tried to take a few family pictures, ones of the boys together and some with me in for a change. We tried to mimic the pictures we had of Eli at this park when he was around Wesley's age with the beautiful lake in the background.

We all had such a lovely day and it makes me feel so lucky that I have such a perfect little family.

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