Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Life lately.

I know its been a few days since I have posted I'm a naughty naughty blogger! As we are currently in the long process of selling our flat we have been doing a massive spring clean to get it ready for putting on the market next week. I have been deep cleaning and decluttering for 3 days straight, its amazing how much crap you accumulate!! Several bin bags full later and a ton of stuff put on ebay later (which you can check out here) and it already looks so much more spacious and fresh! We have been so ruthless with what we have got rid of too selling all our CD's that just sit there un-listened to in years and scrapping old broken jewellery which on its own raised a whopping £300! It crazy how much money you can make selling stuff that you really wouldn't miss.

Not only have we been cleaning and clearing but we also have been getting all sorts of valuation quotes, energy performance certificates and solicitor fee quotes.....and all the lovely things that go with moving home. The exciting bit has been going through the renovations for the new house, choosing bathroom tiles and kitchen designs, I'm seriously so excited to move! I have also been compiling lists of things we need for the new house such as extra furniture, curtains and garden things....I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of Ikea wish lists and a bit haul from me pretty soon.

So here is some little snippets of life lately in pictures:

The new kitchen we have picked out for the house, its lovely simple and modern and is going to look beautiful with my new shabby chic kitchen table which is in storage awaiting the move.

After doing a HUGE clear out of both bedrooms they are looking so nice and clean, we have finally moved the cot out of our bedroom and now both boys are sharing this room which is going pretty well so far! After over 9 months we finally have our bedroom back to ourselves, I don't have to fumble about in the dark or whisper and I can watch T.V or read in bed! I have missed little things like this so much!

With only just over 2 months until Wesley turns 1 I am still slowly gathering bits and bobs for his little gentleman's tea party. When a H&M catalogue came through my door and I spotted this I went online and ordered it with in seconds....It is PERFECT! I also managed to get Eli a similar shirt and bow tie in his size too and even better I also found voucher codes to get 25% of the most expensive item and £5 off your order from a website called voucherbox all offer codes can be found here.

As a little treat for all this cleaning and organising I've been doing I made the most awesome batch of double chocolate brownies! Even when I'm super busy I somehow find the time to bake....I'm not sure where this sudden influx of motivation has come from but I'm determined to reward it with sugar!

Today I started feeling a little housebound so as a treat me and the mother-in-law took the boys to our local heritage farm for the day. It was the best day out and Eli enjoyed himself so much, he found feeding the sheep, goats, alpacas and donkeys absolutely hysterical and spent the whole day running around talking to the animals and giggling. We stopped for lunch in a little vintage tea rooms and indulged in a brie and bacon baguette and this yummy rose lemonade which was almost too pretty to drink, I also took along a tin full of my homemade chocolate brownies. Sadly I forgot my camera and this was the only picture I took the whole day but we bought Eli a little toy tractor from the gift shop as a souvenir which he already adores.

Lastly something to hopefully make you chuckle, I thought Greig was being really nice by offering to make me a cuppa tea as soon as I got in....Oh how I was wrong! I had even forgot we owned this mug, it was quite amusing once I'd sussed why he was quietly giggling every time I took a sip!

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