Monday, 28 April 2014

In The Spotlight: New Look.

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Shopping in New Look holds a slight nostalgia for me, from child to early teen New Look was the place to shop....and practically the only place to shop! Every town had one and Primark had yet to become popular almost every item of clothing I owned came from there! As soon as I hit seventeen I seemed to boycott New Look for stores like Topshop, Republic, Miss Selfridge and budget Primark partly due to the abundance of choice created by the building of a huge shopping centre near by. 

Its only been recently I have rekindled my love for New Look and have started shopping in there more and more. They actually are pretty amazing! Not only can you find the most beautiful pieces that follow the latest trends which are affordable and good quality but I feel their range has become slightly more sophisticated and also providing really great budget basics. 

When looking at writing a post on what my wardrobe needs I found myself heading straight to the New Look website....looking for a midi skirt, statement blazer, denim jacket and brogues....everything I was looking for all could be found at New Look. 

These are a few pieces that I absolutely need in my wardrobe, I mean just look at that floral midi how perfect does it look with that denim jacket, pretty strappy tops which can be thrown on with a pair of jeans and that beautiful coral blazer which will jazz up any plain outfit!

In all I am very impressed with New Looks summer collection and am hoping to do a little haul there soon so I will keep you posted!

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