Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Gifts For My Two Little Fishes.

I thought I'd share with you what little gifts I bought the boys for Easter! Knowing that our families will buy Easter eggs for Eli I steered clear of them all together and Wesley is too young for chocolate I strongly believe that babies shouldn't have any chocolate till they are past 1 year of age and luckily our families respect that.

For Wesley his easter gifts were all clothing and things he needed, everything is from H&M from this cute shirt with a bow tie to the shorts with little anchor detailing and the little suede moccasins and socks.

For Eli I bought him a little bit of chocolate in the shape of an adorable Lindt chocolate bunny and mini eggs which we will turn into Easter nest cakes which I will bake with him at the weekend. I also got him a colouring book and crayon set which he will love because he is a huge fan of Fireman Sam! A grow your own sunflower kit which I thought would be a lovely thing to do with him and will certainly last a lot longer then chocolate and also this adorable checked shirt with bow tie from H&M. I think this is the perfect little Easter bundle for a little boy.

And for the whole family Frozen on DVD....theres nothing better then sitting down with a hot chocolate and a Disney film.

Keep an eye out from a post to come on some Easter puddings including a chocolate and raspberry cheesecake and a lemon pavlova!

Thank you for reading.


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