Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Must Have Hair Care Duo For Tangle Prone Locks.

Whenever I take that spontaneous trip to the hairdressers to get a substantial chunk of length taken off (That I always regret!!) Its always because I struggle to manage my long locks. My hair is quite dry and very tangle prone in fact when wet it is a complete nightmare, brushing through it is painful and damaging I can tell by the amount of hair that accumulates in my hair brush!

I have tried a ton of different conditioners and hair masks that generally make my hair nice and shiny and soft but never help my wet hair become more manageable but I recently I have made two changes that have completely irradiated my problem.

I have always stayed away from any sort of leave in product, I almost always find them too heavy for my hair and they also leave my hair feeling super greasy. It was only by chance that I picked up the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioning spray whist buying my usual Aussie shampoo and conditioner on a 3 for £10 offer. With a liberal spray through the ends of my hair it really did a great job of helping detangle my matted wet mane and when dry my hair was extra soft and not at all greasy.....I was so impressed with this product, it also smells lovely!    

The second change I made was to switch to using 'The Wet Brush'. It is well known that you shouldn't brush wet hair because its most fragile when wet but thats not always practical, The Wet Brush has long flexible bristles that help reduce damage to the hairs and detangle without tugging.....and it does exactly that. Since using this brush in combination with the conditioning spray brushing through my matted wet hair is no longer a painful chore, the brush glides easily through my hair untangling without pulling or breaking my hair. I don't have anywhere near as much hair collect in the brush compared to my old one and it has made the most dramatic difference when it comes to managing my long hair.

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